Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Avant Garde – what an anachronism? For who’s benefit?

The latest news that Avant Garde has begun to remove the weapons from the mother ship Mahanuwera is a clear attempt at further disrupting the Government’s attempts at investigating the activities, and using the unfavorable climate operating as an excuse. They are attempting to divest the Rakna Lanka operations from Avant Garde, so they can operate independently of the Government owned institution, further complicating the manner in which this operation is investigated. Whilst Mahanuwera was so old and breaking up, transferring to Mahaweli a sister ship also owned by the Shipping Corporation is also possibly part of the deliberately confusing action.  

The Company claims to offer a service to the Security Companies the world over in managing the Pirate Surveillance operation, and has made out to their clients that the Govt. owned operation of Rakna Lanka are a barrier in the efficient operation of the business, and are so attempting to use this as an excuse to pull the wool over the eyes of the sleeping security forces, to manage this flotilla of arms without ANY controls, that had previously been in place!  

There is NO point of the GOSL intervening once the horse has bolted from the stables, and Mahanuwera is left bereft of arms!!! It gets much worse.

Why is the GOSL so ignorant of the capacity of these operators to fool them and completely befuddle them with all sorts of threats and innuendo, as they do not understand the business. least of all the investigators appointed to check this out.

It is NO secret that a deal was to be done to sell arms, boats or whatever to the Govt. of Nigeria, and the intermediary was the Avant Garde chief Senadipathi. With the previous Navy Chief they had previously gone to Nigeria to establish the links and agree on the broad terms, so that a huge amount could be siphoned off as commissions that would not be seen the light of day on the Island of Sri Lanka and instead go straight to some offshore account, with SL Navy being given a pittance for the hardware!

For the GOSL to even grant them permission to leave for Nigeria boggles the mind, considering the deal they are about to do!!!

There is NO question the investigators are unable to put their fingers on the problem, and so are sending out statements that everything is above board when it hardly is. The clever ways in which the funds have been hidden in testament to the ability of the leaders of this venture to control the people, with huge bribes even after the new Govt. took over and continue as if nothing has happened. The bribes are too great and too tempting to ensure there are NO hiccups. So much of the favorable news emanating is as a result of massive bribes to them.

Sena is very confident they will not be stopped. He is bribing the people to make the statements we now see in the press. People hired by him are making statements that are anti govt. and people and SLwill lose billions in foreign income. The cunning fox he is, is paying for the news to discredit the GOSL, that if he loses his licenses the Country will lose big time, and it is all the Govt. fault for persecuting him. This is the modus operandi to be let out scot free!

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