Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The political maneuverings of the minor parties.

All parties other than the two main parties, and the TNA whose complete presence is in just a tiny area and even smaller nos, have a problem with whatever electoral permutation is adopted. Sarath Fonseka’s Party is as it sounds, just of him, as NO other person who even the dog knows will contest from there, making that any other even out of place in Parliament. Ditto with the JHU that looks to dismembered itself, and the other bad eggs of the UPFA coalition just has beens in the new political order. The JVP is still the same small team of commonsense do gooders, with NO idea of what it takes to really run a government, where people’s expectations need to be fulfilled.

To cut a long story short, only if the individuals come from the two main parties will there be any life left in them, and that includes, the incorrigible, shameless Rauf Hakeem, who will come from any symbol, as long as he is guaranteed a place in Parliament!

Little wonder that there is a mad rush of the present 225 in Parliament wishing to obtain the ticket from either the UNP or the SLFP. What are the guesses? I guess about 145 from the OLD parliament will seek reelection in the new from either of the two aforementioned parties, as from any other is almost just a day dream. I hope there are no crooks in that list, and both have the sense to discard nominations from them. The public will then decide how many, and here about 105 from the old parliament will be re-elected to these parties, whilst the TNA will have their share NOT counted in my analysis.

If the elections are held under the present system, I understand that Keheliya and Earl amongst another host of near do wells are seeking nomination, in the UNP by jumping from the UPFA. This is an insult to the dedicated UNPer, who yet again sees these self same rogues seeking forgiveness, making them sick to their stomachs.

Let us hope the voters will vote in people who they really trust to work for them, and not for one self as is normal. I trust that the UNP will get some form of compensation for taking them in. I think a financial charge to the party coffers would be in order, like Rs100M each. A fraction of the damage they have caused to the UNP by their previous actions.

The actions of MS, MR and CBK will no doubt affect the fortunes of the SLFP, and chaotic start to Govt. and their perception with the traditional UNP voter will affect the fortunes of the UNP. Of course it is debatable if we are able to match the massive 82% nationwide turnout of the Presidential which resulted in a clear mandate no matter what spin MR wishes to put on it. The lower turnout will ADVERSLY affect the UNP voter in comparison, and therefore it important that the UNP leadership are in tune with the public pulse. They MUST do everything possible to reverse the perception, created by lack of grassroots organization, lack of central leadership in directing grassroots organization, (the media talk of starting on April 1st is just a red herring!) and clear Media campaign to get the message to the public on the matters of concern to the voter, that the UNP is working on every aspect though a little delayed in for example bringing the crooks to book etc. The price reductions have now lost the political gain, and it is shifted to the unclear method of how Samurdhi is better, Govt salaries are higher, Pensions are bigger, and Mahapola is livable, and most of all the private sector labor force who have expectations far out of line with the ability of employers to practically fulfill.   

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