Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weli Raju – a story emerging of a prodigal son with a shameless background

I know it is not cool to speak ill of the dead, but the horror stories now emerging of this man’s background makes one shudder, that we are still a nation that tolerates such criminal behavior without any question.

The police just do not pursue any lead, when the man implicated was the brother of a senior minister then, (as in Maithripala Sirisena) now President.

The story is now emerging that this man was caught in bed with the wife of his long time friend, and though he had been plied with the normal modus operandi of getting his victims husbands legless drunk, there was still life left in him to discover deed, reach for the axe and deliver the deadly blow. Let us see what kind of trial, and what kind of deal comes out of this!

There must be so many women in Polonnaruwa who are relieved that this man is gone, just as there would be their husbands too, as he was in the habit of purloining their wives when he got them drunk, and once they came to he had disappeared having done the dirty. In Sinhala he was known a “Ganu Perethaya” which meant he wanted and got any women he wanted, by force or by threat or both, and in the true form of a thug who people feared, no one would dare challenge his demands.

It is time the Police force re look at the way they treat some people better than others and reclaim the moral high ground if we are to return from the law of the jungle to the law of the land! There are many others in Sri Lanka with similar backgrounds who are protected by the Police, due to who they are. In this new Regime, all such shady characters MUST be brought to book so that the people of the Country have faith in the enforcement of the law.

The number of rapes attributed to this man will never get reported, and let us at least learn from this and make sure other criminals are brought to book, and actually get prosecuted for their crimes. This Govt. came with a mandate of enough is enough, and those involved in crimes MUST face justice, no matter what the crimes are.

Now for the funeral. I will get sick to the stomach if I see a trail of Ministers and worthies going to the funeral of a destructive criminal in all senses of the word, just out of respect for the President. I hope the President DOES NOT make a spectacle of this funeral and do the needful in a small family way asking for a private funeral, and save the embarrassment of people having to compromise their morals, to attend.

To me there is nothing wrong for a President to have a prodigal brother, but if he is able to acknowledge this and go forward that would be in the interest of Sri Lanka, while leaving him with a less tainted background.

It is now to the media, to judge how they report this story. It is important that the story be told truthfully obtaining eyewitness accounts of his character, and not blame the President but show the people that this man was allowed to thrive and behave like this thanks to the Rajapakse Administration which wanted to use it as a lever against the other brother Maithripala Sirisena, lest he got too cocky with the demands etc. So he is a creation of the Rajapakses as much!!                   

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