Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In all this campaigning it is clear who is AWOL – Traitor

  - AKA Sajith

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out that Sajith Premadasa has not come even one day to help his friend Ranjith Madduma Bandara, campaign in Moneragala, let alone Harin, which with some personal issues to resolve is excusable!

He would have added some flavor to the campaign, and his complete absence can only be interpreted as being paid off by the wily Mahinda Rajapaksa not to campaign and falsely let on that he will be helped by MR to get the UNP leadership. Actually the latter is the best thing that can happen to MR as it will make the UNP completely unelectable anyway with his type of leadership and personality.

One must understand the creature well before making broad brush insinuations, and therefore one only must look at the experience of the past three or four years to understand that Sajith has had NO intention of helping the UNP win any elections because he perceives himself as the loser.  

Well he is the loser alright and an outright loser right now, as he has become a thorn in the side of everyone who cares about Sri Lanka and about democracy. He does not make decisions on a rational basis but on personal satisfactions, and does not forgive and holds grudges for all time. This latter quality cannot succeed in politics and is actually detrimental to a politician’s future ambition, which Sajith’s dwindling band of followers must understand, and put aside a fanatical loyalty and call a spade a spade.

It is very important that the UNP finally gives up the Ghost that is Sajith who has been haunting the party for so long, preventing them from going places, and being misinterpreted incorrectly.

The UNP is in a must win campaign to crash the misperceptions of being unwinnable, and it is just one person who is holding the party to ransom. If he was eviscerated from the party then this allegation would not be made, but as he is still a member of the Party, we must face this challenge and do something serious about this unacceptable state of affairs and hold him in contempt, and punish him with eviction. It is then his choosing what he does with himself, which in my opinion is merely to pee in his pants as he is not capable of any more gentlemanly conduct.

Sri Lanka has to move forward, get rid of stale bread, and create a new environment for vibrancy and fair play in Governance and Government, with the soaring ambitions of the new middle class being fulfilled and kill and bury old ideas. 

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  1. The UNP is already "completely unelectable". The only way for the colombo 7 gang to bring UNP back into power will be to somehow make Sinhalese a minority in the country. Probably that is what the buggers tried in 88-89.