Friday, September 12, 2014

The MUTTS of UVA back Shasheendra – any wonder because they are all mutts!

Is it any wonder that the FT today said the academics of UVA backed Shasheendra. The first mutt is the Professor Premala Silva from the Uva Wellassa University. He is talking cock because the number of students at Uva Wellassa is embarrassingly low even though it is situated in UVA and is designed to be more employment friendly, and geared to practical subjects.

It is no wonder that the whole list of Academics are those who have benefitted from the largesse of the Govt. from sinecures, to directorships and are part of those who have benefited substantially, as compared with their students from this administration. We count the always sycophanting appearing in the ads Professor Sampath Amerasinghe amongst that lowly crowd, though the caption did not tie in with the photo as the photo was not of Sampath.

It is therefore just a political gathering as Shasheendra was present at the event, and it is obvious he would surround himself with sycophants to make the point. It was however rather remiss of the FT to report this party political event as a statement of fact.

I trust the readers of the FT will use the few ions of common sense they still possess to good use and are able to see the wood from the trees.

It is time we actually call a spade a spade and say that educated does not mean A level pass rates as most of those there do the classic useless A levels of Buddhist Civilization, Sinhala and Political Science, that are sure ways to ensure they are unemployable in either the private or public sector as all the learning is by rote.

All students, are intelligent and in Sri Lanka rote learning is in the blood of most people, so that does not say an iota about the quality of education in UVA. We must look at facilities for teaching science, agriculture and vocational studies that ensure that the youth of UVA are able to get employment in their chosen and preferred fields.

What is the point of the Education process if we just have a bunch of sycophantic academics who lead the learned readers of a supposedly good newspaper, with poppycock talk that is reported as FACT. That is utter nonsense.

One can really understand the true state of University Education when we have such people in high places in our society, some who would not even get a job pumping petrol in a foreign country, and not give a chance to our eminent academics to practice the real education, and so fill the academic corridors of prestigeous foreign universities.

Time this lot were pensioned off and replaced by real Academics for the sake of our students and the future of Sri Lanka.

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