Friday, September 12, 2014

UPFA scraping the dregs of the “kasippu barrel” – come on Dulless you can do better than that!

Dulles Allahaperuma a Cabinet Minister in the current Govt. appears to be in want of something and someone to blame other than himself, and so when they could not blame the JVP or the UNP for sins of the past, resorted to one of the worst political tricks in the book, to blame the predecessor of the Current President, from the same Party, namely former President Chandrika Kumaratunga, when the UPFA administration was accused of granting liquor licenses to the inhabitants of the Moneragala District.

As if to show the illiterate electorate that he is right, he challenges anyone to show that even ONE liquor license was granted to UVA in the MR administration. I can show at least 30, so he is just playing to the GALLERY, knowing no one will challenge him!

We know politicians will blame their mothers for giving birth to them, rather than admit blame for their wrongdoings, and that is the name of the game. However in a Country that in the past 10 years has seen an unprecedented increase in the consumption of liquor both legal stuff, and hooch or moonshine, as well and more of an issue of a widespread use of addictive drugs, that border on being uncontrollable, due to political patronage, and by implication, little action on the path of the Executive to bring their own to heel, it is a bit much to take!

It is time these two bit politicians start eating their own words, as most of them are said in a very irresponsible fashion and when analyzed, sound laughable, it is time to take stock and debate how we can change this culture.

Simply put, the people of Sri Lanka suffer from an incredible level of foolishness, otherwise we would not use democracy to vote in inept politicians in the guise of film stars or tele drama actors and sons and daughters of currently elected politicians.

All that does is to perpetuate fallacies, allow the likes of Dulless to make asinine statements and get away with it without being stoned and sent into hiding for being such an ass. It is time that people of some kind of standing, who are actually able to take on responsibility and do not act like sycophants under obligation to an Almighty, take on the mantle of improving the quality of life of the people they serve.

I don’t care what is done in other countries, we have a potentially intelligent population that can rule the world, and the politicians have turned them into idiots, and we have allowed them to do so by our inaction. Let’s turf them out NOW.  

Come on Sri Lankans its time you tell the jokers who rule you that if not for them, we would be one of the top nations on earth in all measures.        

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