Saturday, September 13, 2014

How pathetic is it to see a lowly British busy body interfering in SL internal affairs in as far away place as Batticlaoa?

I am simply gobsmacked that a two bit Foreign Service officer, of Her Majesty’s Govt. in this case in the guise of the Deputy HC, Laura Davies, is even accorded a welcome in Batticaloa to discuss, local politics!

Is our Government stark raving mad? Or just too spineless to tell them to shove off!

This pathetic excuse for a Government, that cannot hold to account their own rampaging ministers who spend all their time pocketing the Nation’s Wealth have NO time to look into the activity of the foreign service corps, and tell them what they can and cannot do on our shores. It is fine to visit Batti, take in the sun and perhaps spread the language of their Country, in this case English to the natives, but lets stop there.

Instead this Govt. has put vast resources to spy on their most patriotic citizens, and use none to look into the activities of people such as the UK Deputy HC who has NO interest in what the local pols think, but act in the interests of British Citizens of Sri Lankan descent, whose interests she represents in talks with the TNA and local Officials, so that the UK can say they have looked into allegations made, rightly or wrongly of UK citizens against what is being done or not done on the ground to people who may be relatives or friends of theirs!!!

The SL Govt loves to make a loud noise so that the foolish voting public are given a wrong message that the Govt. does not tolerate foreign interference, a very politically powerful message, however the reality is that under their very noses they act with impunity in pretending they care.

When a fifth rate foreign service officer can put in her resume that she negotiated with the TNA in Batticaloa, it sounds grand, and will ensure her promotion to fourth rate, so she cannot be faulted for her actions, it is only the GOSL idiots and nincompoops, who are shown in poor light as bumbling asses from the Foreign Minister down who must be castigated for permitting such incendiary practices, that will do nothing to improve inter community harmony, but will satisfy the UK Govts. Aims.

Time to throw out the unpatriotic rascals who are duping the people in Sri Lanka to believe they are protecting their interests when the reality is just the reverse!! If anyone can prove me wrong, please do so, I want to hear your point of view please!      

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