Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vigi you are playing a dangerous game. What is your goal in this?

Are you working in collusion with the GOSL in making self defeating statements, aimed at strengthening the Central Govt. hold on the Peninsula?

At the recently concluded ITAK convention where Senathirarajah ousted the more pliable Sambanthan there was a disturbing report about what Vigneswaran said at the event. This was reported by the Indian Express Newspaper in India, and I have to only opine based on that news, and forgive me if the news as reported is erroneous.

We know that the Army is using unconscionable tactics to subtly pressurize the citizenry, and maybe even using Israeli posture profiling to determine who is one who would be unhappy, rebelling or likely to fight and at the extreme attempt a suicide bomb against the enemy.

This fear I believe is unfounded, but the GOSL implies it has more information to the contrary, that I am NOT privy to continue to intimidate the local population as part of their dirty tricks campaign against the people living there.

So for Vignesweran to demand that the Youth use the same tactics to inform (who are they to tell, and do they fax, sms, phone, use other spying technology to rat on all Army movements, is something I don’t quite understand. Was he merely expressing the frustration of the local people to this very invasive tactics the Army use to make it clear to the people that they are under occupation, much like how the Israelis treat the Palestinians in the West Bank? I don’t have an answer to that Q!

Actually by asking the Youth to inform ITAK of the whereabouts of the Army and the troop numbers, they are potentially threatening the GOSL perceived security of the area, making them even more willing to intimidate the youngsters, and start questioning them on their behavior and data that they have in their presence.

It is time ITAK stop this aggressive stance, and Vigy stop informing the Tamils that they have a kinship with Tamil Nadu, both acts that are like showing a red rag to an increasingly paranoid government in Colombo. After all this paranoia is further strengthening the power base of the GOSL, in justifying their continued hold on power, as wanting to protect the Sri Lankan citizenry from anti patriotic traitors of the ITAK or TNA bent on dividing this small state.

One can argue that Vigneswaran is actually doing the GOSL bidding in making such asinine statements, so that they will survive for longer than legitimate!!    

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