Friday, September 12, 2014

GOTA is spot on but so is the TNA - talking at EACH OTHER NOT TO!!!

Come to your senses read the link to the Island article and realize what Gota is on about. There is NO direct communication as there is a stalemate between two immovable pillars, (obstacles to the peace process they both are) who have loud speakers talking to thin air hoping someone will listen and take action.

In case you were wondering who the pillars were, they are Gota and Senathirajah.

None wants to hear a word of or from the other, and they both represent powerful factions in their own communities, none of whom wish to have any dealings with the other. This put simply is why there is NO peace and we allow the two bit foreigners to make hay. (see the following blog entry on the Deputy UK Envoy’s trip to Batticaloa)

It is time SL realize this incompatibility and chuck both these dogs to fight to the death, and we will go about saving Sri Lanka for the people. Anyone who has followed the country’s progress must have now come to the conclusion that 5 years after the end of hostilities the same old dogs are at play, when 21M lives are at stake, and they don’t seem to care a toss about it.

When you have two intransigent SOBs nothing ever gets done, until they are removed. We tolerate their ilk because our standards are so low. Again look at the next blog entry when we tolerate a lowly Foreign Officer to interfere in our internal affairs, the implication being we cannot manage our own, due to the likes of these specimens referred to above.

All 21M people are of the same sub species of humans, and the fact that some have a slightly different accent or speak a different language, MUST not differentiate them from the other. If we were a tri-lingual country this would never occur. The politicians have divided our Country to communities so they can govern us by playing into the human frailty of fear, and stealing our votes accordingly.

It is time we take stock, lock them both in one cell, and let them fight it out to the death. You can bet that both would be found dead! We will be free of their misery, and we will then be ready to get to the next level of greatness as a nation. What if we lock up ALL politicians! What a paradise this would be!      

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