Sunday, August 31, 2014

Now there are two dogs from Hambantota spreading rabies in the Island!

What a resplendent Island this would have been if not for some jokers who hail from Hambantota, and more precisely by way of Hambantota, as they hail from other places. One family distinctly hails from Malaya and the other from the innards of Colombo, both of which have destroyed this country to its knees, whilst showing a false veneer to the foolish and gullible of this land.

As If I had not already put out the feeler as early as November 2013 that Sajith Premadasa is now doing the government’s bidding!

It is now proof if ever there was one that the Govt. is using the trump card, and it is Sajith to destabilize the UNP which is on the verge of an upset victory in the Uva Provincial Council Elections.

The UNP people wondered why the Govt. was NOT campaigning in UVA, and was expecting a surprise to happen from September 1st. Well it is a surprise, but the surprise is that Sajith is definitely going to play dirty, by creating a chasm! It was unity that was sorely required, and for both Ranil Wickremasinghe and Sajith Premadasa to appear on one platform in UVA, and the bloody minded little trollop or Mummys boy unable to realize how damaging his actions can be to success.

 It is clear that the demands made to accept the deputy leaders position were just too onerous and holds a respectable party to ransom and when proved that there is an agreement with the Government on the part of the opposition politician there can be NO other alternative but to drive the turncoat out, and send him into the bosom of his erstwhile benefactors, namely the GOSL

The leader of the UNP is working his butt out to win this election, and the behavior of this pretender at this last moment when victory is in sight, is treachery at its worst, and the fact that his supporters are so blinded by idiocy to see through this game, allows the GOSL to hold sway and put out media reports that further stultifies actions of the dedicated band of people out to show the poor districts of this Country, how they have been had by this lying and now completely amoral Govt. 

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