Sunday, August 10, 2014

The World just watches as Muslims destroy each other – BBS is happy!

Actually if the BBS have their way, they will encourage both the fundamentalists in the Shia and Sunni aligned Sri Lankan Muslims to send their sons and daughters to Iraq either to fight to defend the Shia Govt. or to fight with ISIS Sunnis, so that the fundamentalist fringe that is small but resurgent in Sri Lanka, can destroy each other without them having to lift a finger or say a word untoward.

That is why the Western Countries are secretly hoping their lunatic fringe will also take wind to these lands, and get themselves killed in the process, with arms supplied to both sides by the West, so they will have a lesser problem on their hands.

As for minority Christian and Yazidi communities as well as others, they are just collateral damage that the West pays some lip service to help their conscience with food drops and the occasional laser guided missile aimed at their enemy. If the West was really serious in helping these hapless communities from both Sunni and Shia thugs, they would have gone about it in a completely different way.

I don’t know about the Kurds at the moment, but the West is wary of helping them, lest they will compromise their friendship with the Turks etc, who don’t want an independent Kurdistan. What is inevitable in the short term is an Iraq split into three, with Kurdistan being a de facto independent state if they are able to regain Mosul from ISIS. If the Kurds get control of the Northern Iraq oil fields, they will be able to go it alone, but UN recognition may be a long way away due to vetos!

It is clear in all this how divided the Muslim states are in taking sides, and it appears to be God’s way of reducing their population, teaching them a lesson, and reducing their power, from their previously unstoppable expansion both of ideology and wealth borne out of oil.

As for the US, their friend in the Middle East, Israel is the beneficiary, whilst their armaments industry is booming, supplying the likes of all the terrorist outfits, as well as the US Air Force with laser guided missiles, which just heap misery upon misery. When these proxy wars are fought, it only seems to benefit the West’s stock markets which if one remembers the 6s 70s and 80s would ONLY affected the Western Economies adversely.

It is tragic to come to this type of conclusion out of genuine misery of countless millions of people in the Middle East, but the fallout of all this will be smaller nations accountable to their people, using religion to force intolerance and monotheism.          


  1. Whilst we thought the CIA were caught napping with the ISIS resurgence, It was the CIA that infiltrated the ISlS and know exactly what is going on. They are encouraging this because they were fed up with the Iraqi administration that had alienated the SUNNIS and wanted the Shia Govt. taught a lesson.

    Either way they don't want a strong Iraq and the current actors are playing the expected game with lives, right on cue, but for the pathetic case of the Chritians and Yazidis paying with their lives in this proxy war that the US wants to happen, as strange as it may seem to you and me!

    Let us hope this does create a Frankenstein's monster we are unable to control.

    At least it keeps the CIA busy from wanting to interfere in Sri Lankas internal affairs


    An example of what is in store right on cue