Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The BBS vendetta against anyone who opposes them is reprehensible!

It is extremely distasteful to say the least that the BBS engages in behavior that is downright libelous and use their platform to sling mud at others with impunity.

As the link above shows their latest target is Rajitha Senaratne the Kalutara District MP and Minister of Fisheries. This is because he spoke out against the BBS actions in Aluthgama, as their behavior was incendiary to say the least and downright illegal if there was a proper enquiry and they were prosecuted for their crimes.

It is this robe that gives them a sense of security which they misuse with impunity, to cast aspersions against others whilst NOT allowing people to cast aspersions about their integrity. It is with this simple logic that I have appealed to the News Media repeatedly to stop giving them any coverage, as that is the ONLY lifeblood they are given, which they use optimally.  

Without the press they are nothing but garbage as their whole message is garbage, and it is a shame that the Buddhist Clergy even tolerate their behavior and in my opinion they do not have the guts to ask them to stop.

This lack of interference by the hierarchy of the Buddhist Nikayas, is giving the opinion to the lay person that they approve of this behavior when I know that many of the senior clergy fear their actions and disapprove wholeheartedly. The problem is that some of these very same clergy are not living like Buddhists and are laden with avarice and carnal desires so they do not want their behavior exposed, and the BBS use this to their advantage, that they will NOT say boo their boorish behavior.

The BBS will ensure with Gotas help that Rajitha is history and there is enough dirt on him that the President knows to shut him up if he wants. So it is unlikely that he will be re elected and the political future is finished. Actually Rajitha must also realize that when you sleep with the devil, there is sin pasted all over your body and one can only look at your staff and secretary to know who is dipping his hand in the till and taking a lot more than they deserve, and the BBS know it.

Let this be a warning to ALL the UPFA MPs that there is a list of all those the BBS wants out, and they will therefore NOT be elected next time. That is how powerful this lot is and we have allowed them to be. So Sri Lanka you reap what you sow.             


  1. This is just a BBS tactic to frighten ALL opposition to them. Rajitha fell for this nonsense and now he is taken to the cleaners!

    What he should have done, is just stand up for his rights and NOT shied away from criticising BBS, and instead go hell for leather in criticising all of the BBS top brass, until they are stripped naked.

    Only then will they stop their nonsense. The BBS has NO Buddhists in their midst, but it only takes a Buddhist to disrobe them, and it appears that there are NO Buddhists in Sri Lanka so to do!

    that sums up the state of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, rife with un Buddhist Buddhists from the top down.

    The BBS spells the down fall of Buddhism, and NOT the resurgence, and if the main Prelates don't understand that they are at their peril and face a crisis that they will not be able to contain.