Monday, August 25, 2014

“Surgical Strike” merely to prove how sophisticated the enemy really is

The recent demonstration by Israel of the demolition of a 12 floor apartment block, after giving the residents 10 minutes notice to get out of there, is a clear indication if any more were needed of the precision to which its laser guided missiles can pin point targets and obliterate them.

In this show of brutal force, it never can muzzle, suppress or prevent retaliation, either short or long term of the attacked from attacking the perpetrator. Israel may be able to supply classified information from a Palestinian informant, that a member of the Hamas military wing was in the building making it a legitimate target in Israeli eyes, but that does not wash with the people as ALL Palestinians have now come around to the assertion that the whole State of Israel is a legitimate target to be obliterated. If this was not what the majority of Palestinians thought before the recent Israeli campaign it is the avowed goal of current Palestinians and those who come after them.

Do the Israeli people realize that they are in a no win struggle, and they will just have to intensify their campaign killing more and more, until they actually destroy all Humanity in Gaza for them to solve the little problem of Gaza rockets. That does not mean that they will save themselves from rockets, as they will come from some other source, even the sea!

It is heartening to see that Holocaust Survivors have placed a full page ad condemning the State of Israel for their bombing of Gaza.

It is time the Israeli govt. realizes that this type of mass Genocide cloaked in acceptable words just does not cut it. There is NO way an organization can fight a sophisticated Govt. in means other than by guerilla warfare, as they DO NOT have access to sophisticated weaponry! That is why like the LTTE they resort to all sorts of illegal activity to make money to finance the purchase of weapons to match those of the Govt.

Until a settlement is reached that is reasonable, and which  can both accommodate the existence of the State of Israel, and be able to form a contagious state of Palestine, there will be a permanent state of war of unequals as we have had to date.  

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  1. None of this would have happened if Palestine people had the the wisdom, technology and money to stop the creation of Israel right inside their own legitimate land.

    That is why we should learn the lesson and not allow by any means to establish a separate Tamil nation in this Island. We are lucky that we could disregard immature political arguments for the establishment of a self governing Tamil authority by likes of you and militarily defeat the armed separatists. Now is the time to defeat the rest of the non-armed separatists or this Island too will bleed one day like Palestine.