Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What has ISIS got to do with BBS?

Nothing and everything. ISIS sprang from no where as an answer to frustration of Sunnis in Iraq and also in Syria of their respective governments, and how they discriminated against sects or people not of the main political party of the Govt.

The BBS is trying to achieve the same end as that of majoritarian regimes, where minorities are only tolerated, but are effectively shut out of economic life. Usually it is these same minorities who are the back bone of the economy and are therefore able to wield considerable power and are able to draw on resources to strangle the country.

The BBS whilst berating the place of Buddhism and its position in society have failed to address the root cause of the Buddhist flight from their belief as it has NOT provided the answers to everyday problems of society.

In a supposed Dharmishta society that the Govt. is trying to create, they are anything but Dharmishta! So there is NO hope for a Buddhist revival in Sri Lanka without a wholesale evisceration of political power form the current incumbents who are directly to blame for the status quo they are in.

As it runs completely contradictory to the tenets of original teaching of Buddhism, the Sri Lankan interpretation of that is heading for a showdown of realism that cannot be protected by BBS admonitions and threats to the Buddhist hierarchy at one end and the lay adherent at the other.

It its zeal to create a mythical Buddhist state adhering to rules that have nothing to do with Buddhism but have everything to do with denying all other beliefs their rightful place in the Country and society, they will create a state of anarchy. It will only be protected by a powerful security force for a time, before it hits the forces that they are defending the indefensible, and patently corrupt and unsustainable rule.

Something will have to give, when society rots, and the inability of the forces to actually rule a country as they are NOT trained for it, will inevitably mean that they will permit a state of anarchy ala ISIS to happen in Sri Lanka.

I am here to warn against such an outcome, using the context of lessons learned from currently raging conflicts elsewhere. We must then have only one option available to us to prevent chaos, and that is to throw the BBS out with its patron the Govt. as soon as is practical and show the people of the Country that an alternative works.          

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