Monday, August 11, 2014

To combat ISIS by arming the Kurds is not the answer – another time bomb waiting to explode!

The US in its haste to be seen to do something is again engaged in remote control warfare and arming proxy fighters to do their dirty work for them. They ARE about to get involved in a campaign with a sect or off shoot of Al Qaeda that they helped create both by their actions in helping the Shia Govt. in Baghdad, and when they refused to listen to US request for an inclusive Govt. CIA resorted to help ISIS in trying to teach Al Maliki a lesson for not taking heed, with unforeseen consequences.

The result is that the US has effectively created a war zone in Iraq, now divided into three factions, and none of the neighbors around Iraq are happy with the consequences, amid concern of violence spilling into their areas, most notably the Princely States who know that their days are numbered and hoped they could plunder their respective countries wealth a little while longer, before their day of reckoning.

The US have now by their actions pre-empted a prolonged conflict, it is in their interest to destroy the Middle East as we know it. Isis so far have not been a threat to the USA as they are fighting local wars, but if the US gets involved in clipping their wings, will no doubt unleash their suicide cadres into US outposts, first and then into direct US assets, something that the Obama administration did not contend with so far.

It is a delicate game of bluff and counter bluff, with a well embedded CIA within ISIS giving them what the US intelligence thinks is reliable data, which does not take into account the mindset of the ISIS leadership and their pattern of horrific atrocities to draw publicity as well as fear of a group that is only living off the stolen arms of the Iraq Army that the US gifted to them with disabling software.

Now that the Kurds will also be armed to fight the ISIS, and US arms will be in use on both sides of the conflict, saving the minorities including the Christians to appease the folks back home is not going to save them in their homes, and will only create a refugee exodus that the US will have to defend or repatriate back to the US.

Getting into a conflict without a clear end game in sight, and the reluctance of using ground troops in such wars, means a more insidious enemy that is unseen and limited to laser bombs and drone strikes by star wars computer aided weaponry unleashed from the US mainland, no different to war games on computer consoles.

It is real people that are affected in all this, so it is better to be aware than be sorry!

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