Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wouldn't it be a great day for Sri Lanka if the Minister concerned at least offered to resign in the wake of an unforgivable rail accident!

It is clear to anyone how knows about basic railway functioning that on a single track line, there are tried and tested procedures to ensure trains don't collide.  Obviously these procedures were not adopted or some signal failed, and the third course where the unscheduled stop at Pothuhera should have resulted in more than usual concern that a stopped train can be rammed was NOT observed.

It is therefore simple for the Minister of Transport to take overall blame for the event and offer his resignation to the President.

Immediately his stock as a decent man will be up, and he will win many plaudits both at home and abroad for that action.

Of course the fact that he has not yet done so speaks volumes for his intentions, and if he does so after my blog entry it will merely be so that he can look good, so he gains personal prestige.

Anyway What can I say? about our leaders. They are a stubborn lot not wanting to remove themselves from the hot seat of any position.

Shame on them and shame on our people for keeping these jokers hanging on for dear life. 

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