Friday, April 25, 2014

Less than half the members of Parliament voted in all stages FOR the Controversial Casino Bill clauses today

If one goes by the Govt calculation, they lost both votes today as less than half the members of parliament voted for it.

The abstentions of the Muslim Congress is a joke, as they are trying to have it both ways, telling their community that they did not vote for the Bill. As you know it is all just whitewash without meaning.

After all Malaysia a Msulim Country has the Genting Highlands Casino. So the Sri Lankan Muslim are just trying to hoodwink their electorate and gain an edge, whcih is really a hypocritical basis of argument.

The performance of the actors of the Govt. coalition are essentially games that were played to protect their constituencies, and therefore further hoodwink their flocks!!

I am really disappointed that as they new they were able to pass the resolutions, they resort to these cheap tactics to  gain political mileage.

So readers remember these are all actions for political survival and not of any honest evaluation of their personal choices. If you don't agree with the GOvt. then you should leave the coalition, as simple as that!

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