Thursday, April 24, 2014

“no person allowed to take the law into their own hands”

What is this nonsense that we are being informed of about “no person allowed to take the law into their own hands” as noted by the President?

When we have only the President and his cronies who take the law into their own hands, and the rest of us have to be suppressed by the long arm of the law, to make a statement like that is an insult to the intelligence of Law abiding Sri Lankans.

Is there anyone in Sri Lanka who will contradict that statement I have made? NO

It is only those who use the State’s Patronage to break the law, and it is therefore only those authorized to break the law, who do so with impunity. After all a Govt. politician is behind the breaking of any law in Sri Lanka, who escapes prosecution. All of us who are not so fortunate, already face the full force of the law, and therefore the statement just uttered only applies to the President and his cronies!!

So it is ironic that he is making the intention to control his cronies. Is he serious about it? If he is then, let him look at the mirror in the morning and take to task those who abuse their power for personal good at the expense of the general good.

The Law that is indiscriminately been broken with impunity by those who rule over us, has to be enforced. Who will enforce this law? It is the question we all have, as we know who is breaking the law, and who is accused of breaking the law. In short there is NO law enforcement.

We are faced daily with lies from morning to night. From the “mathata thitha” that has actually become “thithata matha” it is a long litany of statements that mean exactly the opposite, and we are surprised that people still believe these lies, when we must know that they mean the opposite.

Let us start by first setting up and giving powers to Independent Commissions to enforce Good Governance, as otherwise these statements on the face of it don’t make any sense. Let us start with a truly Independent Police Commission that will ensure that the Police will NOT be penalized for enforcing the law. Only then can they feel confident in doing their job without political interference, as they have a way to have their grievances independently dealt with.

So let us realize that NO statement made by the President has ANY credibility, until we can have faith in the Institutions of Government, even if we have lost faith in the impartiality of the Executive Presidency. It is therefore just a dream and wishful thinking of our leaders to make statements NOT based on reality.

In short Mr President stop being a pathological liar, PLEEEESE!!!

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