Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wither the JVP? What is the secret to their persistence of a lost cause?

I often ask myself why would one want to vote for the JVP? I can’t even find an answer. Therein lies the dilemma. It is simply called blind faith, and strict discipline. The JVP is the most disciplined and best organized political parties in Sri Lanka that rely mainly on the commitment of their followers to their cause almost at the expense of their own lives, or satisfaction.

If one closely follows their speeches, and their leaders’ utterances, they merely reflect the absurdity of the GOSL actions, arguments, and political bankruptcy. There is VERY LITTLE about what the JVP would do if they were given the reigns. They have never had power anywhere, and wherever they have had brief political power over a Pradeshiya Sabha, there have not been any stellar outcomes.

Many people comment on the fact that JVP appear to best articulate the rational opposition to the GOSL. That is possibly why they surged a little from their doldrums in the last election. However there is nothing else, no plan. (they will vociferously deny that allegation)  In reality whatever plan they have is just not practical in both the context of Sri Lanka, or in the international context as it is NOT a workable solution, and of which there are NO successful examples to emulate.

The great gathering in Badulla of the party faithful in memory of the April Heroes, it reminds us merely of the destruction of two generations of intelligent youth, being destroyed, lowering the gene pool as a result, that has bequeathed us this bunch of impotent baboons to run this country, where as if these young men were instead in the mainstream parties they could have done the Country so much good.

Happy memories guys, but please see the light, as you will never govern, and will always remain a pain in the butt of whoever is in power. Your skills are required by the mainstream parties who can re-invent themselves to be less corrupt, more altruistic, and better disciplined in the Country’s interest if you work with them as part of them, and just abandon your stubborn belief that you will one day come on top. It is never going to happen, and it is time you just let sleeping dogs lie,  not resurrect the past, and take what is best to your new ideologies and change your new allegiances to adopt some of your better traits.  

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