Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Typical statement of a person addressing Neanderthals!

“A cynical politician bent on belittling the opposition, appeals to the baser senses of his or her electorate, and sadly highlights the ignorance and lack of perception of his audience, and his complicity in the fraud.”

In this respect I wish to point out to the rational and commonsense reader that firstly the President of this Country wishes to lead people who are dumb, and has NO intention of making them aware of the background to an issue, and in this respect does so much disrespect to his audience, the citizens of this Country as to be labeled an opportunist and a traitor at the same time.

Just to take two instances lately. The first was at Rambewa a few KM North of Anuradhapura, where he gave a speech, which was widely reported as a headline, that he blamed the CKDU (raging Kidney Disease) on the open economy of the UNP. For someone who MUST take responsibility for almost 100% of the blame for this over the past 10 years of his autocratic rule was the height of cheek. He came into power with the farmers vote promising subsidized fertilizer at Rs350/kg when it costs Rs 4000/kg to buy from abroad. What may I ask has that done?

The subsidy, dear reader has increased the incidence of Kidney disease and has killed the very audience he is appealing to, to believe his outright lies. So, for a mass murderer to tell the people he is killing that the responsibility lies as a result of the open economy of 1977 Govt. which in truth he has made even more open! Is a crime against humanity. The sentence for such crimes, were we subject to the ICC would be life in prison.

The argument goes as follows: With excessive use of fertilizer as it is much less than a market price, has resulted in soil degradation and both ground water and rivers and streams becoming polluted leading to chemical reactions with naturally occurring hard water, and disease due to elevated cadmium, arsenic and mercury levels.

Further with cheap fertilizer, there are more funds available to purchase pesticides, herbicides, as well as pre emergent suppressants all of which are harmful to the soil and are additional contributory factors to this epidemic of deaths that have so far claimed more lives than the Tsunami, and will soon exceed the civilian casualties of the 30 year war of the LTTE. Sri Lanka is the largest user of Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticides and Weedicides per sq ft of agricultural land in the world, and who MUST the blame lie in. The current President of the Country of course, who has ruled this country for 10 years of absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are NO exceptions to that statement.

The second instance was only today, when he made another asinine, but typically MR statement exuding his ignorance, and further justifying his belief in the ignorance of his audience by telling them, that you don’t go to Harvard and MIT to learn about an Arab Spring to topple the Govt. It shows his ignorance of his subject.

I know he is only playing to the gallery, but he must be more Statesman like in his rhetoric, and NOT stoop to be no more than the village bully, which he sounds like, completely out of his league. In issuing the 2013 Central Bank Report extolling the progress of the Country, which had nothing to do with the policies of the Govt. but more to do with the productivity of the people, especially those working overseas who have remitted untold billions which have then been used locally to develop entrepreneurs leading to the growth, he should have given credit.

In fact that growth would have been much higher had he and his cronies and family not purloined much of it as bribes, commissions and shoddy workmanship, to line their pockets, which in a situation such as this event, is further  evidence of a deliberate attempt to cover up the bankruptcy of his utterances.

Either way, the he should NOT be so unpardonably, attacking the only person in the Country without any evidence of corruption. For him to pick on this subject shows his true colors as he even belittles a study tour, where the leader of the opposition of Sri Lanka is invited to both teach and learn in the best Universities in the world, which NOONE will argue with.

I don’t know if the Country will benefit from the study tour, that is a separate debate in itself, but to take a swipe at that in a sour grapes kind of way, displays his and his speech writers’ ignorance, and knowledge that, he will never, or could ever be invited to even the 1000th best University in the world to do the same!!!

At an august event such as the issuing of an intellectual document such as the Central Bank report, to display his lack of intellectual ability in so obvious a manner must shame any true patriotic Sri Lankan as to the ability and capacity or lack of vision of the President, the people chose to lead this Country at this time.

It is time that we call a spade a spade and stop any more incidences of the Country being shamed, both locally and internationally by traitors to our Nation and replace them with people who have the true pulse of the nation at heart. In a Country where shown a way out 99% will leave tomorrow to another country, we have only a bankrupt President, who can only sing his praises oblivious to his obvious guilt. 

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