Thursday, April 24, 2014

Namal Rajapakse was missing at the Casino vote today - he wants it both ways

It was a disgrace to the President that his son DID NOT support him today on the Casino Bill. 

It appears that his advisors told him to be AWOL as he will not be accused in the future of supporting the Bill and the societal ills that Casinos in Sri Lanka will exacerbate, due to limited application and enforcement of Laws in the Island.

To have safe Casinos such as in Singapore one needs very tight legal and law enforcement regulation, and that is one we cannot even aspire to under the present Constitution and the lack of  checks and balances that Independent Commissions bring.

Just imagine the disgust among Govt. MPs when the roll call came out and Namal was marked as absent. They have put their necks out for their President, while his own son did NOT do so for his father. I would be mad and would say so. However the spineless MPs have to just eat Crow and stay silent fearing worse fates that may befall them. Is sounds like North Korea doesn't it. 

Now you know. 

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  1. When the President's own son disobeys a three line whip, what incentive is there for the beleagured and bullied MPs to do be lambs to slaughter, when they cannot go back to their constituents and face them and explain why they voted for the devil! or at least to make the Island in to a Soddom!