Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is it right for the Daily News to intentionally deceive their readers? and worse lie! when they more than others should know better!

For the daily news to say that the Rajapakse home Carlton as an ancestral home is simply wrong as everyone who knows the family who owns the home, know it was lent to the President to use as a family member the Wickremasooriyas who own it, wanted to help a down at heel relative.

So now the word Carlton has been in effect stolen for their projects and worse the lie of it being their family home is perpetuated, because the truth appears to hurt when they wish to live by lies.

It is even worse when the paper insinuates that the Opposition Leader is not a genuine Sri Lankan for wanting to go on a study tour at this juncture.

It is treachery at its worst to imply that the President's family who make a media circus of a tradition, is made to look whiter than white, when a person possibly the only one in the island as a leader is not tainted with treachery against the country is accused of being un patriotic.

It is time that the dispassionate reader realizes what is at stake here. There is NO intention on the part of the Govt. press to state the truth, but sadly maintain that the lies it continues to publish is the truth.

I know the jobs of the journalists and editors depend on deepening the lie, so that it may be believed by many as truth, and that is considered sufficient to keep the lie as gospel! 

It is now up to the reader to realize who is the real traitor here. Those who live a lie and only for show, the 'boru show' as we call it in Sri Lanka or those who are genuine in  their intention of  bringing about a real genuine Sri Lanka where all her citizens can live in peace and harmony, and one who even over the New Year has decided to sacrifice festivities, and show for earnest study to bring about a better Sri Lanka.

I will let the reader decide the who the real traitor is and who is the real patriot. Daily News don't think we are all stupid and gullible as you think by your crass, low down and demeaning articles of shame.

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