Saturday, April 5, 2014

The traitor continues his act of treachery – how the tables have turned?

I find it personally insane and a detrimental step in the march towards a united country that the GOSL has proscribed 16 Tamil Organizations and a host of individuals. Any sane person will tell you, and sadly I don’t believe there are any sane people in GOSL anymore as paranoia reigns supreme, that proscribing automatically elevates an individual to an elevated status, bequeathing them free publicity, that will help them further their cause of separatism, by collecting more funds and giving them access to more media outlets, than if one let them die a natural death.

Why does the GOSL wish to give them more life? This silly act is only going to further restrict the rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka as it will NOT affect rights of Tamils overseas, who have the freedom accorded them in their host countries. This then is a direct challenge to the UNHRC resolution, and our enemies will have more ammunition to attack us with.

YES, I believe that these Tamil Organizations are fronts for underhand and illegal activity, but to be able to prove it in the countries they function is not in the power of GOSL. The crazies who subscribe to those organizations are living out their fantasies that they will NEVER be able to realize if the GOSL were able to make all citizens of Sri Lanka as one, united in body and soul as we know they are already united in their genes as one nation.

What on earth is this crazy leader doing to this country? In this megalomaniacal behavior to stay in power, he has forgotten the basic truths in life. It is electoral life that he is merely concerned with and to ‘hell with country’ attitude must take him to the gallows. On reflection, I don’t even think the gallows are deserving of such traitors, who continue to disguise treachery and sell it as patriotism to a gullible electorate simply unable to think through the ramifications.

It is time we awake from this bad dream, and just say NO to his constant badgering with lies and distortions and insist that we have the freedom and democracy most countries enjoy, from which we can rise to heights never before seen in our history.

There were NO real Dutugamunu or Parakrama Bahu yugayas, as they just could not offer stability, we therefore don’t want any of that nonsense again. It is stability and the rule of law and order that we as a nation cry for, and genuinely deserve. We don’t want to have a 30yr terrorist war, replaced by another 30 year terrorist regime, only bent on survival, at any cost. People wake up!!!  

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