Friday, March 28, 2014

Who really won in Geneva? The TNA and GOSL did – but Sri Lanka lost!

A bunch of crooks, liars, scam artists and murderers or their sycophants won in Geneva yesterday, and the people of Sri Lanka, namely the hardworking, conscientious and energetic people who want to build this nation lost.

Democracy is a funny thing when people believe claims made for personal and not national gain. In that the TNA and the GOSL are the worst scum, who have successfully conned their constituents into believing that their claims bear legitimacy, whilst the true interests of Sri Lanka are held hostage to the world community wanting to exact revenge from in this case one of these hypocrites, the GOSL. TNA in pretending to be whiter than white, is ONLY getting their day in the limelight due to the GOSL treachery, otherwise they would already be in the dustbin of history where they belong.

It makes my blood curdle in seeing these two sets of traitors, the TNA (nothing more than a bunch of has beens with no vision of a united country) and the GOSL (using racism, religious bigotry, and incredibly clever duplicity) benefitting from this ill conceived International Recognition and Interference, when if neither of their representatives existed would create a Utopian State devoid of division, divisive politics, and destructive policies.

Even the US and its bloc have fallen into a trap created by these two sets of traitors, and instead of exacting punishment on them, a whole country is held to ransom due to the inability of the parties wishing to exact revenge, realizing that they are actually giving into the demands of both these parties, who are strange bedfellows made up of the same megalomaniacal mindset.

If you go back to basics, to achieve Peace, Prosperity and Paradise in Sri Lanka, these two sets of Charlatans must be exposed, vilified and destroyed. They are the bar to our vision for the future, and they play no part in it. If the US truly wishes Sri Lanka well, they must realize that. Until such time I can only accuse the US, the UNHRC and the resolution as one of emboldening traitors, encouraging division, and preventing the progress of Sri Lanka, to the ideals that the people expected, when the hostilities ceased. 

Its NOT about how many were massacred by who, it is about all communities working together to make one truly dynamic country, made up of all communities, and religions with one dream for all its citizens. We know who is guilty of what. The above two sets so why are we exacting revenge on the innocent citizens of the Country who want no part in this tussle. 

So lets all work democratically to achieve this aim, namely get rid of the TNA and the Rajapakse regime at the same time. They are both bad for business!     

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