Thursday, March 27, 2014

Only SL can make a losing number into a winning one – what treachery?

 It is very unfortunate that a Govt. bent on dividing a country pretends otherwise. Just read what Wimal Weerawansa had to say today, in a statement –  where he has the cheek to say, that had the authorities, by which he means GOSL or his team, taken action earlier it could have been avoided. Sure it could. I have all along made that argument. Therefore the ultimate result of GOSL action is exposing the treachery of this administration.

As if losing can’t be worse, only GOSL as in the last vote also turns the numbers on their heads and says that as only 23 out of 47  members of the UNHRC voted for the resolution, a majority did not!!!! What SL logic is that? It is simple, it is the Rajapakse logic that has resulted in the Country being hauled over the coals for the sins of a few prima donnas in the administration who don’t have the guts to call a spade a spade and finish off any allegations by putting to bed once and for all the truth that they are intent on pretending never took place!!

It is this arrogance of power, coupled with blindness and ignorance of how to correct their vision, that is at the heart of all the problems that SL has had to undergo, and very unnecessary ones at that, at the hands of the international community.

Just because other banana republics voted with us, does not make us look any better, as they fear their skeletons will be exposed next and don’t want that, and in that event, will want SL to defend their crimes, and so voted out of enlightened self interest and so had their interests foremost above those of Sri Lanka.

The favor that Russia has asked in return is a price we should not be forced to pay, as that gives parties opposed to the unity of Sri Lanka an excuse to divide it and to that extent I will agree with Weerawansa that GOSL in general and the Rajapakse administration guilty, is in particular should face trial with an independent judiciary on the grounds of treason and face the consequences of their guilt.

It is time for the people of Sri Lanka to finally realize the huge con they have had to put up with, and use the ballot to turf out the traitors of Sri Lanka. 

Just think who has procrastinated after promising speedy resolution? It is they who should therefore answer to the people of SL for their sins, not the people of SL who should suffer for the sins of a few of its leaders!

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