Monday, March 17, 2014

The Battle lines of TNA vs SL Govt. get ever more irreconcilable – who’s fault?

The latest episode in this propaganda war being raged in the middle of the UNHRC hearings is the detention under the PTA of a female firebrand activist - for the rights of the missing since the end of the war – for harboring a terrorist fugitive!

The TNA maintain she is a mother who is leading a campaign to get the GOSL to answer what they did with her 15yr child they took into custody, whilst the GOSL say she has provided refuge to a war absconder, who has escaped in 2009 from a welfare camp and was apprehended and escaped from her home having shot at a police officer, and so they have arrested her for questioning in that regard.

This play is being performed in the UNHRC chamber with Ananthi Sasitharan, (the NPC provincial councilor, who is accusing the Govt. for the disappearance of her LTTE high command husband who was confirmed as surrendering to the Govt forces at the end of the war,) making the statements on behalf of the arrested woman, Balendran Jayakumari, who’s small daughter was also with her.

Surely the Police spokesman Ajith Rohana MUST come up with more plausible explanations if the GOSL is to have ANY credibility in regards to this arrest! When people like Karuna have still not undergone rehabilitation for the massacre of 600 policemen in cold blood in the East, who will believe the GOSL explanation?

It is important for the GOSL to be armed with credible reasons for incarcerating women with young children, no matter how fierce they are!! Otherwise they become the laughing stock of the world community. Why can’t lies of GOSL be more believable? Why do they continue to shoot themselves in the foot, and put at risk the credibility of a whole nation by their incompetence!

It is time the police force got a few more intelligent people, who can make statements that make sense. Is it because they have got so used to killing suspects in cold blood, and say they were shot whilst trying to escape, when taken to the scene of crime that the people of SL are so gullible to believe such rot, that they continue to spew such nonsense? I am appalled, and little wonder, they don’t garner support in the international community. Who are the traitors here?   

Its time to replace the retards who can't lie properly, before they sink the whole ship along with them.

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