Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Bodu Bala Sena is barking up the wrong Tree! Again and again!

The constant need of the Ven. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero for attention, a wholly un- Buddhist act, is at the heart of their attempt again to resurrect and revive religious politics which we must surgically excise from popular thought.

Having a go at the ex-President Chandrika who happens to Chair SAPRI a think tank that is NOT just about religious harmony but about other noble aims, is a wholly opportunistic bark and barking up the wrong tree. All communities have elements of false propaganda in conning people to half baked theories. 

It is Education that will reduce the incidence of dunces following dunces, but it appears that BBS wish people to be uneducated, so they will follow these dunces, where as Buddhism always asks people to carefully consider and logically reason out right from wrong and that is done only from better education and awareness of one's harmony with one's surroundings to ensure they are all in equilibrium with each other.

We in Sri Lanka can only survive in the long term with the religious tolerance we have practiced all throughout our history, which is being put to the test by such groups like the BBS, which are all part of the here today gone tomorrow acts of impotent firebrands behind it.

The Buddhists in Sri Lanka are NOT Sinhala Buddhist, they are Buddhist Sinhala people who practice humility and adhere to Theravada principles. The so called Sinhala Buddhists are a sub culture of people who try to encompass the Buddhist Sinhala population who don’t have anything to do with their practices, but are tainted by organizations such as the BBS, and then portray a country in a very wrong way.

The demand that prayer groups be prevented is a completely repugnant. People of whatever belief MUST be entitled to practice their belief in their homes, with their likeminded friends and acquaintances, and NOBODY has the right to interfere with this RIGHT.

Where does philosophical discussion stop and religion begin? After all if I have regular discussion with say 50 friends at my home, about philosophical matters which can easily be construed as belief systems, and then BBS storm in to disperse my meetings, because they don’t like what they perceive (which may be totally different to the reality of the discussion and intention) that SHOULD NOT be permitted under any circumstances, and I will NOT tolerate RABID pretend priests in Yellow Robes to descend and tell me what I can and cannot do, as long as I don’t break internationally accepted laws, (NOT Rajapakse created racist or religiously divisive ones) 

I am entitled to FIGHT to the death to defend myself from these IMBECILES.

It is time reasonable and rational people of Sri Lanka rise up and protect their Human Rights from these excuses for Human Beings, who are NOT tolerated by their peers of Buddhism, who see them for what they truly are.

Sri Lanka is faced with numerous issues, by parties outside our country, who also are opportunistic who use the malpractices of a deviant Government to lump the whole country, as one with the sins of their rulers, and therefore force all of us to suffer. Adding the BBS to this deviant behavior further compounds attempts at reconciliation and perception of a Country divided, due to actions of a few who appear to hog the media for their personal popularity, selling out their country and its unity for petty pleasures of sick minds.

Its these traitors who should be first burned at the stake if anyone is held accountable. There is a permanent Sri Lankan Diaspora overseas and the Sinhala people in this Diaspora, ignorantly believe the rot that is spewed out by these venomous creatures. It is natural for any Diaspora, to take extreme views on matters relating to issues in their home countries, (differing from reality at home) and they can do more harm to harmony than at home, just as the Tamil Diaspora are also in this insane desire for revenge!!

It is up to the sensible majority (sadly silent) in Sri Lanka to take up the mantle and defeat any threat to the Unity of the state, either from the BBS or the Tamil Diaspora, who appear to embolden some of the TNA to take an unreasonably intransigent stance, due to the equally intransigent Govt. of despots, who prefer the divisive politics to all encompassing politics for their survival.

The population of Sri Lanka are the losers due to these rotten apples in power and media forefront. Prominence MUST be given to the true Nationalists who are painted as traitors, as the traitors have the upper-hand to point the finger outward, rather than inward.

The time has come to expose the con of the GOSL backers and their henchmen in extremist groups such as Ravana, and BBS, no different to fundamentalist Islamists.         

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