Sunday, March 16, 2014

Udaya Gammanpila an opportunistic politician of the worst kind

Udaya Gammanpila is a very clever man, who could have used his brains to further many causes of importance to Sri Lanka and helped to raise the quality of life of those of us who live in it. Instead he decided to go into politics, which he may believe on balance furthers those ends, but in reality furthers his personal ends at the expense of the Country’s like most politicians and in that sense is no different.

In the present election campaign his cunning and cynicism is displayed for all to see and hear in the statements he utters in the well oiled (funded by whom really!) campaign he is engaged. Unfortunately, he takes on an electorate not taught to think deception, and so he gets away with a raft of statements that are very misleading at best and downright reprehensible at worst.

Let us start with the Dalada pledge. He uses his position in the JHU to make this public statement of do goodism, which if anyone not in the JHU were to make, would embroil them in a sea of criticism from the Sangha of misusing Buddhism for personal glory. It is wrong to make statements and belittles one’s own belief by that behavior. Why can’t he merely say it is what I pledge, not using the Dalada word to lower its sanctity. Simply unacceptable arrogance.

Then he goes on to say he will only take donations up to Rs100/- from well wishers. He goes on to say that his statements will be subject to audit. Anyone with any intelligence knows that if he does not have the list of names and addresses of 40,000 people with their signatures on them confirming the Rs 100 there is no verification of this fact as he says he has now raised in excess of Rs4M this way.

So it is an unrealistic and far-fetched statement to make, as there are those who say people have been coaxed to pay into it against their will, but do so for personal survival.

To maintain that one does not use plastic, or paste these offensive posters is NOT an electoral liability per se, because he unlike many of his fellow candidates spends millions on advertising in the media, as he has either well wishers who do it for him, so he can claim he has nothing to do with that!! Another cynical ploy.

This huge advertising campaign he has undertaken, will ensure that money can buy votes, and let him tell the world he received the preferences due to his humility and pledge! Yeah right, who will believe him, yes those unable to think, the ones he exploits for his advantage. 
He is the Colombo District leader for the UPFA, and that in itself means that his huge cut outs litter many a campaign office within the Colombo District. I guess they don’t count for litter, and abuse of the environment because he did not pay for it but forced his fellow candidates to do so instead. How deceitful can you get?

At present he appears to be outspending anyone else in the Colombo District, which means that his salary as a PC minister, will not come close to a return on investment on his campaign by him and his sycophants.

I personally object to the Hela Urumaya, Muslim Congress and the TNA as they are race or religion based parties that should not further foul the electoral space, but given that I have no say in that, I can only point out the obvious anachronisms, and expect the rational individuals to weigh the pros and cons of what I state and come to their own conclusion on which if any of the points I make bear any credibility.

It is simply astonishing that NO ONE has had the guts to challenge UDAYA on these election gimmicks, for fear of being debated out by this clever, cunning and cynical individual. That is the state of the state in Sri Lanka where true leaders are vilified and scoundrels permitted to foul the air and airwaves.

Worse still, is the publicity given to these self righteous statements meant to further enhance the credibility of what he is ostensibly doing to add to his saintliness. Frankly this makes him worse than the run of the mill politician.

It is nice to know of that as a product of two school principles, from Ginigathhena, he was fortunate to excel at Grade 5 and get admitted to DS Colombo from where he achieved national excellence, something a student in today’s state will not be able to do due to the corruption of this Govt. in crowding out these very same students.

His achievements at the CEA have worsened the environment whilst taxing innocents to getting licenses so they can claim profitability to his Minister. 

His website is so cynical as one has to like his page on FB to be able to enter, unless of course you are prepared to wait a minute for the x to come to click on, something we in our lightspeed world don't have patience for. Talk about deviants in society. I rest my case!!   

I can go on, but as his perfidy must be obvious to the reader, I have better things to occupy my time. 

I hope by this, there is some introspection on U G part, of one's exact motivation in politics and realize that true honesty does pay but it may take a while for the voter to understand as there are NO quick fixes in a terribly flawed electoral space that is Sri Lanka, but eventually you will triumph if you are really true to your faith and your principles. So it is up to you to show your true colors, and not the make believe ones.

There is still room to care about national interest first over one's own personal political trajectory, then you can be truly proud of being true to the motto of your alma mater. 


  1. These self serving politicians get others to do their dirty work so they can say that they had nothing to do with it. It is the same in this case. What is not included in the audited figures is what is wrong. He can say that he had no hand in how someone else paid for his ads or cutouts. In the end they get their contract or assistance.

    You scratch my back and I will scratch yours later scenario. So pretending otherwise is just being a liar


    a news item on 25th march 2014 worth pondering on and you deducing what you want to believe!