Friday, March 28, 2014

A warning to the President by the Elections Commissioner – you talk we annul!

As if the election violations were not enough to test the patience of any independent person, the Janapathi Janahamuwa during the period of the elections were nothing more than an in your face jibe at the Elections Commissioner and the independence of the campaign and Mahinda Deshapriya had the courage to say it was WRONG. However the courage did not extend to permitting the leader of the opposition the same privilege on State TV.

Of course the Police who are lackeys continue to be partial to their Govt. patrons by permitting their cutouts and posters, whilst removing those of the opposition and threatening and using white vans to abduct people who don’t co-operate.

Now with the loss of the UN vote, an answer that the Govt. clearly wanted and pursued by their actions, the President was keen to use a prime slot on TV tonight when all electioneering was prohibited to make his case again about the international interference which he will NOT permit in SL. 

That is clearly a gross violation of Election Laws as it is appealing to people, when they have to cast their vote tomorrow, and even though this is a PC election, it is merely a test of the popularity of the President, and less about policies ESPECIALLY as the Govt. made it a plank of their campaign that they look upon Geneva as an infringement of their sovereignty.   
It has now been MADE CLEAR that any attempt at making a statement on Geneva would nullify the results of the election and a new election called for! Something neither side wants to contemplate. It is clearly in violation of laws, and the opposition have decided to reject the results, if the President speaks and the election is NOT nullified.

It is interesting to see what gamble is taken by the Govt. in this regard, and if they are willing to further stick their fingers and noses at those attempting to show a semblance of normalcy in an already completely one sided campaign, where the Govt. side abused many of the election laws at will.

If we have an emphatic message from the people that they have had enough of Govt. shenanigans, then we may see a turnaround sooner rather than later.      

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