Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Everything in the news about the Rs2M fake notes is cock and bull! Read the true story here

Just think about it! Dulanjalie Jayakody who was first accused of depositing Rs2M of fake Rs5000 notes at an HSBC in Colombo 7, could never have knowingly done something as silly as that! For all the cash to be fake at that.

Any bank where one goes to deposit money checks the authenticity on its machines as one deposits. So no one will “Knowingly” deposit cash that is fake. There is some confusion as to the exact point at which this was discovered, namely was it at the time she went to the counter and it was picked up at that point, or was it picked up later on! With the bank accusing her of depositing them.

If the bank discovered it later, then it could be someone in the bank replacing good with bad, and unfairly accusing Dulanjalie of this deposit!! However the latter issue is now unlikely because there was more fake currency at the premises of the MD of the Garment Factory, whom Dulanjalie received the money from.

What the money was for, is not clear though the papers state that he was returning a debt! It is known that Sajith is in the business of loan sharking, but on the other hand it is possible that it was a contribution for Sajith’s electioneering or similar activity. Either way, it was NOT the owner who was caught, but the managing director. The managing director received the money from the owner, but he only received Rs2M. The owner clearly states that the funds he gave were good, and NOT counterfeit. There were NO fake notes found at the owners, so the switch took place at the MD stage.

So who is this guy, who took the good notes and passed the fake notes ALL in one bundle? If he did it NOT to get caught, he would NOT have given ALL fake notes. So he was merely carrying out a contract on behalf of the President of SL to ensure Dulanjalie and thereby Sajith would be implicated in a crime, on the EVE of a major election, which could affect the vote bank of Sajith candidates in the South!!! Remember the President does not want Sajith as the party leader of the UNP.

The MD was told that he would be caught for this, he will be the fall guy, but that he will be released soon after the election with charges dragged on till such a time as they will be dropped, and for his luck he could keep the original Rs2M of good notes as his pay-off for his services to the President!!!

All good stuff ha? Yes the most obvious of the plans engaged by the President. MR was getting worried that his vote bank was rapidly diminishing. His cohorts were NOT doing very much to help him out, and were NOT making enough of an effort to save the vote bank by politicking earnestly. So he had to take the matters into his own hands and do something about it.

His advisers suggested this scoop to reduce Sajith’s vote bank, and at the same time hold Lankadeepa to blame for the incorrect finger pointing at Dulanjalie being implicated, so that Sajith would be guilty of the allegation, and the President get over Rs2M worth of votes for free! (Rs2M which was NOT even his money). That is Sajith will lose a number of votes for his candidates by insinuation!

If truth be told there was no accusation of her wrong doing in the headlines of Lankadeepa, but to the general reader, the fact that she deposited Rs2M in fake notes which was what was highlighted, and nothing about her being accused or being implicated, is enough to assume she was somehow involved in the public’s eyes, in nefarious activities, due to Sajith’s past, and questions surrounding his character. 

This is the cheapest and most cunning way to compensate the fall guy with genuine money due to the falsely accused, who then ends up NOT getting their money, and worse, gets implicated in something she was not party to!

If there was a more cunning plot tell me please, where you use other people’s money to do your dirty work. When you have power like our President does, what can’t you do?


If only the average person realizes how a crook at the top who only yesterday got let off by Supreme Court where it was ruled that he is exempt from prosecution is an example of the exemption from wrongs the chief executive has. This must be changed if reason can return to our system, so accountability for wrongs returns.

It is time that people wise up to the internal shenanigans at work to fool them to vote for the incumbency, by painting falsely that the opposition is involved in worse insidious activity than the GOSL!!! 

So be alert, be aware, and be careful! 

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  1. You are absolutely right! Just look at the face of the culprit in today's Lankadeepa. He can only be an underworld figure, doing the dirty work for MR, doing a few days of time in a cell and create this probability that Sajith is involved in counterfeiting!!

    People of Sri Lanka think about what it means to you. Anyone who is a threat to the longevity of MR and his feudal regime, that may include his family and sons, are targets. The smear campaigns are so devious, as to put even the CIA or KGB to shame. It is bent on creating distrust on all contenders leadership in opposition to MR.

    It is like the payback that MR has given Sajith for the attack on the platforms on MR's treachery to the Country.

    This cell was active for a long time and only resurrected to perform this deed in this time, when Sajith who was on MR leash all this time by threats of exposure, went a little too far. It is a reminder of what he is capable of unless Sajith holds back his taunts and rants against the corrupt leadership of this treacherous cabal.