Thursday, October 24, 2013

What is the game plan of the Govt. vis a vis the Opposition?

There appears to be some unholy alliances forming in the bid to oust Ranil from the head of the UNP.

If the Matara scuffle is anything to start on, it is obvious that the overwhelming police crackdown on the heart of Ranil supporters is to take him down. So there is NO truth anymore of the Govt. wanting to keep Ranil for their own survival, much as many people would like to pretend, as they are media created misinformation for their own agendas.

Who is sufficiently powerful in order to only accede to Maithri’s request of people they identified, where none of the Maithri people with poles and culprits have been identified or apprehended. One name Ghotabaya Rajapakse. After all Herman Guneratne the chief culprit in the shooting seen by all, is still pretending to be sick at the Merchants Ward as the deal to clear him has not been finalized and he has yet to turn up in Matara. Gota wants unimpeded route to premiership and with Sajith at the helm no self respecting SLFPer will cross over to the UNP, whereas with Ranil already 70 MPs are ready and waiting for the moment to teach the family a lesson. It is better to think this logic through than merely accept what I say.

Who is behind Maithri, it is Sajith Premadasa all the way. It was Maithri’s son who purposely misidentified people such as Sandith Samarasinghe as one who hit him, when all the people Sandith had with him, know it to be false. Further Maithri and Sandith are friends from small days, so the depths to which Maithri has sadly fallen are beyond redemption.

One main reason Sajith was reluctant to take on the leadership was the mass of information the Govt. possesses of his transgressions, especially artifact hunting and ivory poaching.

So in order to grab leadership he has had to sign his life away to the family, by agreeing to be their puppet for not rocking the boat, and behaving like a permanent opposition, unable to resurrect themselves from the doldrums.

It is this sad fate that Sajith seems bent on taking the UNP to and to never have a hope of rising from the ashes he himself has created by his actions, that have also contributed to most of the leadership deserting the party. Just ask Dayasiri, who he believes is more detrimental to the UNP and you will have your answer.

It is therefore best to understand this new challenge to the resurrection of the UNP, and be forewarned before it is too late to repair the damage as most people have been barking up the wrong tree, as to where the fault lies. 

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