Sunday, October 20, 2013

Were the Secret Ballots to elect the President of the Councils an indication of “dissent within the ranks of the UPFA”?

The newly appointed Chief Ministers of both Wyamba and Central Provincial Councils were in for a rude shock when their respective nominees did not get the support they assumed. One was DEFEATED, the other only barely ELECTED.

Now the candidates proposed by the UNP opposition have had their SLFP memberships rescinded and have been called upon to answer to their lords! This is a clear witch-hunt of those who do not toe the line within the UPFA.

Of course this is just the first indication of a fissure and the recent article by Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema from exile further elaborates her thinking, not fully shared by me, but I believe the house of cards will crumble at the right moment, when some unbelievable act of stupidity and arrogance by the leaders will bring it crashing down, handing the opposition the golden opportunity for a comeback, on a platter.    

It is important that people understand that when structures are made for personal gain, they can crack faster than when they are created with no ulterior motive but purely for altruistic reasons. That is why anyone who believes in right and wrong has nothing to fear from the present state of affairs.

It is quite clear from all that has taken place recently everything that is being done is only for longevity of a family master plan and not to ensure the fulfillment of the theory of the alliance. Therefore in time all members of the alliance are likely to want to strengthen the alliance at the expense of those who try to destroy it. It seems that now it is not the opposition that is its greatest enemy but the ruling family only who do not allow dissension, and appear only to want to control all power amongst themselves.  

In the media age, “he who controls the media will eventually control people’s thought processes” and eventually spell disaster for a policy not built on firm foundations. You can only fool the media for a while, and then the people who depend on them for a little while longer. Once both parties realize that there was no reason to fear the paper tigers, and that just a match will set them alight, then truth with prevail and the rascals shown the door. Who will replace this known devil, should be the question in our minds, not if or when they will be replaced!! 

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