Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oh how easy it is to be fooled by the Press!!! The fake kidnapping

This is yet another case of the media in Sri Lanka being misled by known fraudsters. As is the case in Sri Lanka and as evidenced by how much air time is given to Maithri Guneratne, people can make any accusation and the media reports it as truth. It is all fiction and the figment of a fertile imagination.

The latest is the reports in all media that Anura Lokuhetty, who is embroiled in a management and ownership dispute over Serene Pavilions, the boutique hotel in Wadduwa, has informed the police that he has been kidnapped and dumped in Bandaragama!

The reality was that he was illegally occupying a room at the hotel, when he was forbidden from being there, and when a director came with some of his people to inform the hotel staff, that Citrus Leisure was now running the hotel, he had got into a heated argument, and was asked to vacate the place. So in order to implicate all those who came to throw him out, he faked the kidnap and ratted on the people who came, naming them as those responsible for the kidnapping and dumping.

Once the truth comes out after the police enquiry, where 9 people have been taken into custody pending investigation, then it will no longer be news, and NO newspaper will want to report that they lied to the people based on the accusations of a known liar.

It is understood that he was thrown out of the golf club for falsifying some card, and then had problems at both his previous employments, both at the then Confifi Group and later at the Galle Face Group where he held senior positions and parlayed that into the Serene job, by hoodwinking the main investor Clive Leach from the UK to give him free shares, and then we know what happened to Leach!

He again tried to illegally take control of Serene which resulted in the current saga that has raged for the past month in both the Sinhala and English media where he has been able to use his duping skills to good effect to speak with reporters, who it seems do not have an ounce of grey matter, to investigate the reason this person is making these far flung allegations.

I would caution the readers of any news item, or article, to read it with skepticism, as nine times of ten it is a trumped up news item for the purposes of the readers delight. Let us call our reporters fiction and figments of their own imagination.    



    At least the above link in the Sunday Times of 13th October, is that the CEO claims he has been abducted, and the reader should therefore understand that the report can contain numerous errors.

    1. This ( Sunday Times ) article very clearly says that the "staff " has not observed any abduction but an argument at the Hotel

  2. anura is known thief in the hospitality industry in sri lanka

  3. Anura has been restrained by the commercial high court along with his wife and his son acting as directors on the basis that they were trying to revoke shares of Mr Clive Leach fraudulently . And at the time of so called " abduction" he was neither a director of the company nor the c.e .o.

    1. Lokuhetty and wife barred from acting as directors in Serene Pavilions
      By Amrith Gunasekara

      The Commercial High Court of Colombo yesterday (23 September) restrained two individuals, Anura Lokuhetty and Dilani Lokuhetty from acting as the directors of Serene Pavilions (Pvt) Ltd, sources told Ceylon FT.

      The case was filed by another director of the company, Jit Warnakulasuriya on the basis of oppression and mismanagement on the allegation that a prima facie fraud had been perpetuated by Anura Lokuhetty.

      The case was taken up before Colombo High Court Judge Mahinda Samayawardena with Attorneys-at-law, PC Faiszer Musthapha and Pulasthi Rupasinha instructed by Sudath Perera Associates appearing for Jit Warnakulasuriya