Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What a colossal waste of Rs15M! – we can’t even access

It was reported yesterday that the CHOGM web site address referred to in the heading had cost Rs15M. I cannot even access it to find if it is worth anything. The fact that I cannot access it must mean that the whole amount has gone into someone’s pocket and we still seem to have apologists for this Government.

I cannot understand how anyone in all conscience can defend this Government and its waste as isolated. It is just rampant in everything the Government spends.

The reader please try accessing as I can’t. I am quite frustrated and fed up and I am not a person coming to CHOGM. SO just imagine what the overseas visitor thinks about it?

Oh finally after a few false starts and 10 minutes of trying I finally got through! Is this the wondrous site? There is nothing wondrous about it.


General Enquiries

Chief Executive Officer
Taskforce Secretariat for CHOGM 2013
Block 4, BMICH
Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94117575200
Fax : +94117575221
Email : chogm2013(at)mea(dot)gov(dot)lk

The above is an extract of the contact. Is this the way the email addresses are written? Come on which planet are we from for Rs15M. Who is the joker who was given the task of doing the website, as it has not even passed the peer review at which such bloopers would be pointed out and corrected.

If the indication above is any indication on our ability to organize a drunkard mud wrestling competition, no wonder the Canadian PM did not want to deal with such.

Why are these Govt. stooges who get these Govt. contracts so inept? It reflects so adly on the Country  and if truth be told, the Mahinda Rajapakse Govt. must share the blame if not take it on his shoulders personally as no one seems to be accountable for this embarrassment.

Full marks to you Harsha de Silva MP for pointing this out yesterday evening, but you missed saying what an aberration it was!!!  

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