Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mangala has not had so much publicity since he was fired as the FM

One wonders whether there was an ulterior motive in Mangala gathering the party faithful to Matara to ostensibly attend an Adhishtana Pooja at Devundera Devala at the same time and place where the Anti Ranil walk from Devundera to Colombo was about to take place!!!!

Anyone with any sense of intelligence would have known that it would lead to a clash. When one has been officially hauled up to protect one’s leader, it is the loyal job of a party faithful  so to do and that is why the innocents came to Mangala’s.

So the clash appeared to be fortuitous for Mangala and disastrous for the UNP, as when Maithri called upon the arrest of Mangala for planning this fight, it was like music to his ears. So like any savvy politician who likes to stretch any publicity, he made a big song and dance about his handing himself in to the Police on Monday or was it Tuesday, surrounded by his lawyers!! It was headlines for a few days, and a photo op of him carrying a sirisiri bag with a tooth brush and sarong to be incarcerated in remand. It cut a forlorn figure evoking some sympathy with people and now Mangala is again known by the gallery, ready to win an election or at least enough preferences for his own especially the local Matara caste vote! Don't forget he asked the police to handcuff him so he could have had his photo taken with handcuffs, all part of the political games people play for votes from our citizenry who get taken in by such.

I would hate to think he sacrificed the UNP for his own ends, as he can now flit between parties, especially if Chandrika decides to challenge Mara in light of the lack of any other opposition at present and Mangala  along with Maithri both southern traitors, further  reducing the electability of the UNP by their own sword!

I beg the reading public of this blog just to contemplate the back room workings, as the action of the police is completely out of character. They have NOT performed an impartial investigation and have relied mainly on Sirasa and Mawbima footage, both designed to be lopsided, favoring the Maithri Guneratne camp and therefore flawed evidence in a court case. The sheer ineptitude of the police is staggering unless of course one believes the UNP accusation of a Govt. contract to further pressure the UNP loyalists into submission!

I am not asking the reader to believe what I say, just to have an element of healthy skepticism in mind to ascertain on their own what it is that is happening. Don’t forget the MARA govt. wants to be in power for ever, and is this another passage in that game? It certainly looks it, and the Guneratne’s bit players in it and Mangala just making the most of an opportunity for him to gain as much publicity as an architect of the squabble. Why was Maithri not arrested if Mangala was? All very ONE SIDED HEH!!


  1. "especially if Chandrika decides to challenge Mara in light of the lack of any other opposition at present "

    Now that's going to be interestin!!