Saturday, October 26, 2013

Is Kenya learning from Sri Lanka to tell lies!!

It is common knowledge today, how Sri Lanka plays duplicitous games, where the local audience is fed a diet which is completely different to that fed to the foreign audience. Often therefore Journalists are completely duped as they only read the English Press and are unaware that the Sinhala Press tells a very different story.

The Govt. is now adept at this game by fooling the gallery with information they only want the gallery to hear, but which is completely fictitious, and play a different tune to the international audience trying to curry favors from them!!!

It is the same game that the Kenyans are playing and as usual the Govt. is fooled by the rhetoric. Kenya quite categorically has told their neighboring African Commonwealth Countries NOT to attend CHOGM, as their Leader, President Kenyatta has been indicted on war crimes, or HR violations by the ICC, and this is used in the local Press in Kenya as an appeal to them NOT to attend as a sign of pretest, and Nothing to do with the SL situation.

When the SL govt. enquired  as to the truth of this statement they told our Foreign Minister that there was absolutely no truth. It is a case of De Ja Vu and our Foreign Minister GL Peiris must realize it the same game that he is used to playing. The govt press headlined this fact for our local audience that the there was NO truth in the Press reports emanating from Kenya. Any idiot can check the facts by going on line and checking the Newspapers in Kenya for the stories.

It is interesting isn’t it that both Kenyatta and Rajapakse are playing the same political game when accused of similar international crimes. Is it any wonder how felons think alike?       

I have no idea if the Kenyan appeal will work, and I somehow doubt that other potentates will miss out of a junket to bring their chums for a bit of fun in Sri Lanka. After all SL is providing luxury of accommodation and vehicles and escorts free of charge and who would like to miss it?

Let us also see if the Kenyan President follows and practice what he preaches, or is willing to take the gamble to hob nob with his fellow counterparts in crime. It will be interesting to see what drives him here – Domestic politics or the desire to be feted by similar bedfellows.

Always remember what you read is not what it is, just what you are told!!    

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