Friday, October 25, 2013

The BBS is smarting after losing the Halal fight and so is on a rampage

Whatever one wishes to believe in the end all the companies that sell products bar about 5 have retained the Halal logo on their products sold in Sri Lanka. So the BBS were clearly snookered and they know it and are smarting.

Their recent parade of cars to Kandy was of NO effect. They are now planning alternative action, but their thunder has been stolen and they are now even not able to get the Kandy rally in the back pages of the paper. Their campaign was waged on the media, and now they are a lost cause as the media WILL NOT give them the light or time of day, except report on an innocuous meeting here and there.

It is also interesting that the people who had previously undertaken to perform the Halal testing have advertised for a third party to take over this certification process, so they are able to wash their hands of the allegations and hopefully get some credibility back.

The Govt. conscious of the Muslim vote do not want to upset the applecart as they have too few friends outside SL shores and are determined to keep the few Muslim countries that have stood by Sri Lanka and don’t want the Halal saga to upset this delicate balance.

Whilst I have maintained in this blog that the Govt with its divisive policies wants to hold on to an extremism to pretend to pander to the Sinhala Budhist vote, are pragmatic and willing to compromise for their long term interests after being publicly castigated by the Muslim lobby overseas.

The Mahinda Rajapakse Govt. is caught in a classic “Catch 22” situation, and caught between and rock and a hard place trying to work out how to get over it. Their policy has been to further erode the credibility of the opposition as the sure fire way to get over this problem, and as my previous blog entry pointed out, has already decided to compromise the loyalty of the UNP by buying silence and playing their tune. The people who have effectively sold the UNP into the abyss are Maithri and Sajith, and it will do well for the party faithful to really understand who the true enemies of the UNP are and take steps to counter that effectively.

I can only hope for the sake of Sri Lanka that people are forewarned about the backyard shenanigans and take appropriate action to ensure we have a thriving democratic set up where the Govt. game can be outed and Sajith Premadasa’s true colors shown. Let us hope it happens sooner rather than later.      

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