Sunday, June 5, 2011

The senseless beating of a young FTZ girl in Katunayaka

In the words of the girl who was beaten senseless and then hospitalized, this is according to her statement. The reader must make up his or her mind as to its credibility.

She was at her factory. They had come out on the break. They were in the compound in their factory but inside its gates. then they heard a commotion of police coming their way and curiosity took the better of them. When they opened the gates and came out, they were hit with stones on the road by the police.  They then threw them back at being attacked. The police then came and beat them up with iron rods and came into the factory and when they ran back in chased them pulled them out and beat them.

They were then while badly bruised, locked up in a room and they heard the screams of some men being beaten up just outside their room. They were then turned over to women police constables who continued to beat them. There were many who were badly bruised in pain and badly hurt. A pregnant women was also beaten up and once this was pointed out the person making this accusation against the accuser was also beaten up.

Eventually they were all thrown into a bus, like animals, not assisted into the bus and dumped in a hospital where she was for 3 days before being released home.

The police acted like animals, and she just could not believe that a human being could behave that way especially to women and girls. They also reiterated that they were not members of the JVP and had nothing to do with politics.

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