Sunday, June 5, 2011

The daily fear of a woman commuter using public transport to get to work and back

Some days are ok others are mildly embarrassing and about once a week, that is the average it is downright humiliating. What you might ask all this is about?

It is sexual harassment  by men in buses. Need I be explicit to titillate the reader? I'd rather not, but if any of you readers have any examples please share them with me. This harassment takes all forms, and forgive me if sometimes I imagine it because when you are squeezed in a bus by humanity you sometimes have strange attacks that may be innocent and unintentional.

Is it that men in Sri Lanka are sexually frustrated or are they sexual perverts. In fact school students are particularly repulsive as they are in clicks and like pack animals want to make a statement, so they dare each other to touch, feel and squeeze and sometime pinch very hard. All this mind you in school uniforms.

Don't go into any detail but if you have been in these situation please give an indication of the frequency and what you believe we should do about it and how we should go about reducing the incidence and increase public awareness first that there is a severe problem that has been swept under the carpet in Sri Lanka!! the land like no other! Sure it is

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