Thursday, June 23, 2011

The disgraceful treatment of Tamils searching for their loved ones

Just think if you don't know what happened to a loved one, wouldn't you go to extraordinary lengths to find them? Well that is what these thousands of mainly Tamil people are doing. Some are too frightened and do not have the funds to hang around those appointed places, as the numbers allowed to come per day are also regulated.

I am ashamed to say that I am a citizen of this country when my countrymen are treated like dogs by a foreigner called the Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka. Why do we tolerate such arrogant unpatriotic aliens? We must get out of the enslavement we still feel about these foreigners.

We are a humane and righteous country, where our leaders have lately turned barbaric. We can return to an era of decency as we are not in a state of war anymore though the way we are kept in serfdom is to portray that we are. Well it is not that we are it is that it is being created like that for self preservation. If the rights of individuals and the emergency is removed, then there will be no LTTE rump to fight we can grow without fear of favor. This stability is not what will keep the current regime in power, it is instability that they thrive on, maybe even unknowingly, but the statement is irrefutable.

Coming back to the innocent and sometimes guilty people who are searching for missing relatives, the only thing that a civilized country can do is to take steps to find out what happened and do the necessary to find out if they are still held in custody or not. For me a two second cross check of names with photos on a computer will give the answer if we have updated the database. So why continue their misery, it is the most sinful thing one human being can do to another.

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