Friday, June 10, 2011

I am a fly on the wall of an intense discussion taking place amongst prominent opposition figures as to how to force the President to make a stance on the C4 Video

After I posted my blog entry this morning, a smart patriot sensing the danger of inaction by the Rajapakse govt. settled in cozy smugness decided to call opposition figures and tell them that this is a great opportunity to put the President who makes a career out of hoodwinking the masses in his place using in effect the gist of my argument.

There are no patriots defending this country when it is under attack by foreign sources. The govt. is certainly anti-patriotic, it is to the opposition that this task has to be taken on board. The opposition in discussions is still very unsure of how to go about saving the country as their paramount fear is again being branded as traitors when they are attempting to be anything but.

Much of the discussion is now being centered on the Govt. spin doctors reactions once they realize the opposition has the upper hand. The Govt. they worry will come out with the poker hand to say to the local audience, as they still cannot care a tuppence for the international media and standing, that the opposition is trying to say the soldiers committed HR violations and that the Govt will protect their image to the death from this mob of "Batahira Balavegaya"

The opposition leaders then decide taking no action to save the nation from the mess the Govt. has put the country in is the safest option.


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