Friday, June 10, 2011

Mahinda wake up and react to the worldwide release of C4 Atrocities showing on Tuesday

What is the so called patriotic Government of Sri Lanka doing about the damaging C4 video about to be broadcast in the UK on Tuesday the 14th of June 2011 a day before Poson Poya day?

It is a very bad for us proud Sri Lankan to have mud thrown at us in this way, which will affect our standing in the International Arena. The buck stops with you Mr President to counter this intelligently and not foolishly as you have done to date to the detriment of our country. You have to confront this head on. If you can prove this is a fabrication then immediately come out with the evidence and sue the pants off Channel 4 in the UK courts for maligning the Country or their Armed Forces. If you do nothing our forces will look like the worst, undisciplined ruthless psychos on the face of the earth.

To add a balance the least Channel 4 has to do is to show the Video footage of LTTE torture and murder which was as bad or worse. Doesn't the Govt have this footage after making these statements for years about the cruelty of their torture. I would sincerely like to know if we have damning footage of murder and rape and pillage by the LTTE akin to that to be shown on C4.

Remember you were warned as this was already shown in Geneva and none of the Govt delegation which saw this has yet commented publicly on this which sadly gives it tacit approval. Please for the sake of our beloved Motherland don't sell us down the river now that you have squeezed every spare penny from Sri Lanka and you can live anywhere in comfort when the shit finally hits the fan and we who  are left have to defend your miserable incompetence at not being able to do your job you were elected to do. I am ashamed for you while you go about smiling and bullshitting your way hoping no mud will stick to your pure white exterior.

We cannot have this country turned into the laughing stock of the world because of your incompetence. This maybe a Diaspora moment of success if you do nothing. So come out with the film to prove that the footage is either doctored or that the LTTE was in fact far worse than that on this Video. Remember if this is not doctored it is our troops using mobile phones getting a great kick at cruel behavior and will forever lose the moniker of a disciplined and well trained force that defeated the LTTE.

Yes I am so mad at the LTTE for their atrocities that I can do this due to the rage of losing people I know to their callous bombs. However I would have expected our forces to be more respectful. I have no power to force you to do your job, but if you cannot please resign and let someone else deflect the blame and try to regain the lost PR.

If for the sake of the country you take personal blame and absolve the rest of us including the valiant troops, then I will respect you for it. You are attempting to hide this story from the masses and slither out of the problem, don't for our sake if you truly cared for Mother Lanka.

If you do nothing you are nothing but a FRAUD and you have done a great disservice to a country commemorating SAMBUDDHATVA JAYATHI

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  1. Good post.

    I don't think it is possible to justify one atrocity by pointing to another - this just becomes a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but if the government can prove the video is a fake it should do so.