Thursday, June 9, 2011

The arrest of the son of a senior member of Parliament

Contrary to the reports in the press the truth is never as evident to even the observer. This is a very interesting story.

Friends somewhat slightly inebriated were driving late one night near Kollupitya junction and the car in front did not see a construction related obstruction and had ploughed this vehicle straight into the construction site. He was not injured. His elder brother who was following in the car behind was so furious with his younger brother for being such a jerk, he stopped his vehicle behind and then went up to the driver position and yanked his brother out of the car and started beating him up for this foul up.

The police who had witnessed all this did not know this was brotherly love and assumed some more serious gang warfare or whatever and started interfering to break apart the two and arrest them. The parliamentarian's son then got into the fray saying he was so and so's son and that not to interfere in a personal matter. He got a few words from the police in raw filth to which he took offence and would have either shouted or tried to fight with the policeman to protect his friend.

In the ensuing fracas reinforcements were called in and this boy along with others were arrested for preventing a policeman from carrying out his lawful activities. He was alter bailed to appear in court on an appointed date, with a reputed lawyer with government connections, Kalinga Indatissa defending him. As we can see from this it is complete much ado about nothing, and the real law breaker is whether anyone was guilty of drunk driving, and did they actually cause any property damage for which civil action should be taken against the offender with the police called in to give evidence. Instead the courts time will be wasted on a completely different tangent, namely whether the parliamentarian's son disturbed the police from performing its rightful duty!!

Lets see how this case finally plays out it court. Anyway once this comes for hearing the newspapers will have completely forgotten about it and we will be none the wiser. This is how these news events happen and then get lost with the reader getting a very different opinion of the facts.

Further I heard that the Parliamentarian was so upset that his baby boy the apple of his eye had got into trouble with the law that he nearly fainted and maybe his pressure either rose or dropped or both and had to spend the night in hospital for observation. I would also faint if it was my baby so that's OK, its just that he does not want he world to know, in case the world thinks ill of him, so much for keeping a brand spanking good image going.

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