Friday, June 10, 2011

Just come out with the truth and be dammned without hiding behind lies

I know for a fact the bravado of our troops who as usual without thinking came and showed their friends and neighbors digital film shot with their mobile phones, pictures of atrocities they committed, thinking it was the fit and proper way to treat a hated enemy who had killed many of their friends and colleagues in battle or in cold blood. The international ramifications of this action seemed to escape their rather basic minds full of revengeful intentions.

These images once transmitted from person to person, meant that some body collected a selection of the worst ones and presented it to a body or bodies until it finally went into the hands of the UNHRC in Geneva. It is this film shown in Geneva that is now going to be shown on National TV in the UK in prime time. The effective cost of this if one were to advertise soap powder would exceed 100M Sterling Pounds. Just imagine the value of the adverse publicity this will bring to the Nation.

We are now forced to pay the price of these indiscretions with the Government of Sri Lanka denying this ever happened and that all the images were doctored or were lies. Sri Lanka has suffered for over two years at the hands of the Govt. inability to adequately explain their actions. It now seems this will go on for a lot longer with the blame being put fairly and squarely on the Opposition Parties and the International Network hell bent on Regime Change.

What arrant claptrap, but the gallery believes these lies hook line and sinker!! The govt has done a super job of misinformation and the opposition a shoddy job of explaining the truth for fear of being targeted anti-patriotic. The citizenry then suffers a PR nightmare due to this stance.

Call all the parties including those representing the Tamils for an immediate forum and try to come out with a common approach to defuse the expected furor that will be created from the airing of this video.

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