Sunday, June 5, 2011

The scandal of match fixing in Sri Lanka

It has not yet been reported in the local or international news except for a Lanka News Web site which has been quoted by a few Indian Internet Web Sites.

Therefore taken at face value with no reason to doubt it as it was also on Twitter over a day ago, Hashan Tillekeratne a politician with the opposition UNP has gone to the President on June 3rd 2011 and given him names of those who he accuses of match fixing. According to the same news site the President will provide him with security as he had reported it to the President personally. The meeting had been arranged by an intermediary Udduwe Dhammaloka Thero a Buddhist priest in the public limelight.

Those accused as far as it was reported were, Duleep Mendis, Sanath Jayasuriya, Aravinda de Silva, Thilanga Sumithipala a one time Cricket Board Chairman who though a bookie was vying for the position of the ICC chairman.

These are merely allegations and the reader is asked to make up his or her own mind of the likelihood that this may be correct. If correct, the money involved can amount to gazillions!!!!!

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