Thursday, June 1, 2017

In response to Galaboda Atte Gnanasara Thero's actions this is what I have to say!

“Let us not get too carried away. The ISIS behavior is worse than this. So he is just one of two peas in a pod, that should be all that is, instead of us giving into his extreme inflammatory utterings, like ISIS. In short he is at the extremist end that all religions have

As for threat to the Dharma it is more serious, as the biggest threat is the mainstream practice of it, NOT the fanaticism displayed here. Buddhists especially young people have become disillusioned with the current practice of MOST of the Temples, who are seen to want to acquire wealth, power and prestige by grandeur and NOT by simplicity. That is why they are turning away, by voting with their feet in not coming to Temple or following other faiths, that appear to be a better alternative to their desires! It is time to return to the core practice of Buddhism which will see a return of the heathen to it.

The whole gist of this essay should have been directed at the current behavior of the establishment Buddhism that has forgotten the precepts. Not attack a lone wolf and give him more credit than is due. He is also fighting the establishment for their impotence as much as other religions who are making hay due the impotence of the hierarchy.

Just to give an example of what I mean, Muhudu Maha Vihare in Pottuvil which I visited at the height of the war 25 years ago, effectively under Tiger control was a very large area of approximately 15 acres of archaeological interest, not properly fenced in.

Now it is about 3 acres and the local priest is complaining with no one listening, that it is encroached upon and down to 2 acres as people ( in this case Muslim, but if there were Tamil or Sinhala short of space to live would ALSO have encroached )

Whose fault is it? The fault of the Buddha Sasana Ministry for not protecting religious sites, and the Archaeology Department for not doing the same.

The politicians fearing backlash are impotent, NOT wishing to intervene, and use the law to determine ownership and residential rights. It is NOT for a poor priest to shout about it, but if I was that man I would probably make a similar complaint, but which is falling on deaf ears.

In comes Galaboda Aththo Gnanissara and he makes a big stink about it in the vilest and crudest language he knows as he believes this is the only way his point is heard by the masses. He surely is getting his message across, but JUSTICE is NOT! If there is one law of the land fairly applied to all Citizens with no exceptions for different faiths, most of the problems will be solved.”  

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  1. Yes make sure he gives himself up, and make sure that the lands encroached upon at Muhudu as well as other places are cleared without delay respecting OUR LAWS please.