Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Radicalization – how does it happen and why?

Can you believe it Kings College, London has an International Center for the Study of Radicalization! They study how it happens to perfectly ordinary people, and that is at the heart of the problem of identifying who is firstly most likely to be radicalized and then to detect those who in fact have been radicalized.

The researchers believe that it is NOT social media but strong social networks that are a decisive factor in moving people from being extremist in terms of their thoughts and beliefs to becoming terrorists.

A preacher offering a sense of Community, belonging and camaraderie within a circle of peers brings strong interpersonal bonds based on what they call “in group love” The internet is rarely able to give this potency and charm of a real world recruiter.

It is these people with this charm offensive that have to be closely monitored. After all even evangelical Christians have been drawn to preachers and been under a spell that spelled disaster for them like the Jim Jones tragedy in 1978 which consumed poison and killed themselves.

It is clear that the British Extremist Anjem Choudary and Palestinian American Ahamed Musa Jibril are past masters at indoctrination and it may take years for their efforts to bear fruit and it is also likely that mere words they use cannot be construed as violent, but the net effect of what they wish to see can only be done with violence and so the authorities and the law must be fully aware of the potential for crime, due to the actions of these seemingly innocuous preachers.

It is therefore best to have a good system of espionage that keeps track of these extreme preachers in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam as the mainstream of these religion will also wish to wash their hands of these people and would prefer if the authorities had a handle on these people who use mind games to change people’s thinking that can result in radicalized extremists resorting to violence to achieve their end. When religion is mixed in this as a top-up that allows them heavenly grace for their actions you have a cocktail that is LETHAL.

In the interests of the security of the state and the peace of Nation, it is important that law enforcement agencies have a tool to be on top of all these potential troublemakers before they make trouble and nip any foreign influence in the bud before mayhem reigns. I hope the powers are at least listening to this.

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  1. Young people are at particular risk of radicalization and this should first be understood before action is taken to stress that people keep an open mind over everything and most teachings are NOT all they are made out to be, and to take time out to think before you act.