Friday, June 2, 2017

DIplomats you have broken PROTOCOL by your bahaviour - Time for an apology!

I cannot understand how the Diplomatic Missions have any right to be called up to be lectured to by some suspect individuals, masquerading as politicians about Mosque Burnings

Worse, do they then have any rights to call a press conference and call upon the  Govt. to stop these alleged crimes?

Don’t get me wrong. A hate crime is a hate crime and NO one has any right to burn people’s places of worship or their businesses and it is in the Govt. best interest to protect these people, as well as take all necessary steps to prevent their recurrence.

What I am concentrating on here is the GALL of these foreign diplomats accredited to Colombo, to go at the behest of SOME members of the Muslim community, and I believe they are self- appointed with NO real authority of any sort, to listen to what they say, NOT have it properly corroborated and instead of USING NORMAL DIPLOMATIC CHANNELS to express concern and have it dealt with that way, use the BULLY pulpit to castigate the lawfully elected Govt. of the day, that if anything has the interests of ALL communities at heart!

The diplomats having gathered to listen to these people, should have merely said we will open our channels with the Govt. of Sri Lanka and inquire into the status of the investigations and the steps taken to protect vulnerable communities. They SHOULD HAVE RECUSED themselves from being led like sheep to a Media Circus and forced to make a statement! Worse, if I am not mistaken, this was done in a Mosque, not a place to call a press conference.

Has our Foreign Ministry forgotten protocol? I know we have two new Ministers, but at least the Secretary to the Ministry must know the protocol of what they can and cannot do in a host country, and to my knowledge, this is OUTSIDE OF THEIR permitted activity.

They need to inform the foreign ministry, if they leave Colombo for over one night, but should they not inform or get permission if they wish to make a press statement calling the Govt. to account.

They have NOT used the back channels open to them, and instead broken all protocol, and it is time the Sri Lankan Government, HARSHLY condemns their action. Is it due to the GSP + conditions that they do not wish to rock the boat? That is sad. What is wrong is wrong and this is WRONG and we must have the courage to state this. Otherwise the Ministers have NO BACKBONE. They are mere lackeys of foreign powers to do their bidding and cannot stand up for their country when in international eyes, the Country is branded without foundation and proof, and there is NO proof that any of the alleged incidents have been carried out as an organized campaign of intimidation, rather more sporadic from individuals with personal agendas.


The Government of Sri Lanka strongly condemn the action of a number of Diplomats representing their Governments, in making statements to the Media, flouting ALL Diplomatic Niceties and Protocol. They have repeated allegations, NOT proved by the investigating authorities, made by some members of the Muslim Community, purporting represent the Community, and who have little following, or those made by Government members in their personal capacity.

There are back channels that can be used to inquire into these acts of vandalism that are alleged to be hate crimes, and BY THIS ACTION has further NEGATIVELY affected the state of communal harmony, by convincing our brethren in the Muslim Community that there is an organized series of Hate Crimes been committed and continuing unabated, when there IS NO SUCH proof.

This reprehensible action by SOME members of the Diplomatic Community, has worsened rather than lessened the fear as it legitimizes or states as fact something that has yet to be proved. We would therefore appeal to the members of the Diplomatic Community to desist from such action in the future, as we have had prior experience of their interference that actually interfered the peaceful conclusion of the Civil Disturbances during the LTTE rebellion. As in that past instance, the proof came much later, and is surfacing only now, and similarly, it is possible, that persons making allegations and rousing fear are doing it for their personal agendas rather than to protect their community.

Media can actually make a situation worse by pointing to small isolated incidents and trying to make a case for organized and planned violence, as it is the STORY they want not necessarily the merits of the facts. Using this means to achieve a goal therefore is NOT in the interests of the security of Sri Lanka and will make the task of the security forces to investigate these incidents that much harder.

The GOSL respectfully requests our honored representatives of Overseas Governments to follow usual procedures that are UNIVERSALLY USED to bring their concerns in communicating with friendly governments, especially one that is Democratically and Elected and legitimate in all respects. Thank You    


  1. Sally knew the new Ministers have NO clue about Protocol and the Foreign Secretary and others in the Foreign Ministry don't want to stick their necks out to defend the Country, not knowing when they will be replaced. In short the GOSL is currently impotent especially as the PM is away, NO ONE does anything!

  2. Sri Lanka is literally behaving like a beggar, now accepting food from the EU, USA, China India, Japan and whoever else that gives, so they don't want to upset this gravy train and let the foreigners in Sri Lanka walkover them like dirt! That is the plight.

  3. That donkey Hilmy Ahamed writing in the FT is must stirring a hornet's nest. He should just shut up and let the Police do their job without giving GANT (Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara Thero) too much publicity.

    The president is NOT harboring him, and it is NOT him who is responsible for these hate crimes.

    It is easy to point fingers at the obvious joker in the pack, but that just breeds hate when someone is just accused as it suits the writer. We have a greater issue here of the inability of the state to enforce the law due to pressure groups on the Buddhist and Muslim sides. We have to first surmount that rather than pick a fight with a nut. It belittles the writer when he points his finger at a loose cannon as that is all this coward is. He should not write rubbish to add salt to wounds. He should instead address the real problem in our midst, a swing to the fundamentalism that breeds hate as is quite apparent the world over.

    Let it NOT spill into Sri Lanka.