Monday, June 5, 2017

The Over-reaction to Terror in the UK – has become a Global News Item! - Are we slaves to Western Outrage?


We who have lived for years with far worse terrorist incidents committed against Sri Lankan citizens of all races and creeds by the LTTE terrorists, had to contend with lukewarm response from the rest of the world, ESPECIALLY THE WEST, that to us seemed that they did NOT care, and worse had a following in their own midst, encouraging this terror as freedom fighters in the very same countries that are NOW suffering from these incidents.

After all NONE of the LTTE terror could have been unleashed on hapless Sri Lanka without the funds collected in the UK and France as well as of course Canada and the USA, from mainly well healed Tamil expatriates, who either willingly or forcibly contributed to the “Killing Fields” that was Sri Lanka.

As we just commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Arantalawa Massacre on 2nd June 2017, let us NOT forget how brutal the LTTE were, and how effective their tactics were of putting the fear of survival to the people living especially in areas in close proximity to their range of operation. NO ONE helped us then to combat the LTTE, and many are NOW shedding crocodile tears about that period. The fear (unfounded) that the British live with today must therefore be put in perspective, and be proportional to what can actually happen.

I am NOT saying serves you right. I am merely saying look, we have been there done that, and  suffered worse and you ignored us. What are you expecting the rest of the world to do now? Feel sympathetic! Is it De Ja Vu to us, who have come through so much loss, and we are ONLY now concerned with the loss of the Tamils(UNHRC threats) who have disappeared and NOT the Sinhala people who have disappeared from the various insurgencies against the Government in the past, amounting to 50 times the number of Tamils who have disappeared!.

Don’t forget that to date these RECENT UK incidents are from radicalized British, just as the LTTE atrocities were from radicalized Sri Lankans. In that sense there is NO difference, they were killing machines who had NO compassion. These people live in the community, and harbor some sick resentment against NORMAL average people, NOT against the rulers or wealthy per se, but against the everyday order of things that they are fighting against, just because some person with a grudge uses either ideology of separate state that many in the UK still subscribe to, and will at the drop of a hat contribute money under the very noses of the UK security forces, and the grudge that the radicalized muslims hold. 

It is one and the same thing, they are fighting for their cause because THEY believe their mission in killing IS NOBLE. I will appreciate if the reader compares the two instances and see that it is the radicalism that we MUST fight NOT the faith.

IN THAT CASE, let us now coral the preachers of HATE. We have LTTE preachers of Hate in the UK. Let us coral them too, as given a chance they too will wish to unleash terror in Sri Lanka and the location they wish to do their dastardly deeds JUST DOES NOT MATTER.

The UK govt. does NOT give a damn about them because they are concerned about the people who wish to commit these crimes WITHIN THE UK. If they go to Syria and do the same they don’t give a shit. That is where they are wrong, as one day they may turn the guns back on their own country that they have grown to hate. So will the Tamils in the UK, turn their terror within their own community first, before they go afar. So what goes around comes around. THE UK MUST STOP ALL TYPES OF RADICALIZATION and that is a tall order. HOW!!!

We have to now appeal to their elders to make sure their youth, the people who generally are easily brainwashed are NOT subject to these hate mongers. In Islam it is the minority of imams who spread this hate, and NOW we cannot hide behind the freedom of speech and say that people are allowed to say anything they want.

It is time all those who preach this hate, be it Imams within Sri Lanka who are currently radicalizing young people, or Imams in the UK who are also doing the same and Imams the world over MUST be targeted to be slapped with the same banishment. SO where do you banish all the world’s hate mongering Imams, as this has become a truly international problem, that affects Muslim Countries just as much non-Muslim Countries. There is NO desert island big enough to house them! Qatar you may say.

In fact if you speak to the Saudis today, they will say the preachers of hate are being fed by Qatar and so they have closed their borders with Qatar. If you speak to a Qatari they will say the preacher of hate and the radical Islamists are from Saudi Arabia.

NO WONDER Donald Trump is thoroughly confused, as he does not know a good Muslim from a bad one and so to make it easy upon himself he wants to ban all Muslims, and when it comes to Saudi Arabia he suddenly has AMNESIA forgetting they are also Muslim. (possibly the biggest culprits of all)

We cannot play this game anymore! We have to find where the problem lies. Then it has to be solved one way or another, and appreciate that others have had to contend with terrorism for a very long time, and it is ONLY now being faced by the UK to the extent that they are unable to comprehend.

It’s time UK and USA accept that terrorism of all forms is bad and acknowledge that Sri Lanka did suffer, and some of the punitive actions were justified for public safety. Similarly the PTA in the UK is now worse than it was in SL.

Stop the spread of hate mongering against anyone. We must live in harmony. Let us begin with Saudi Arabia and force them to allow people to worship any Religion of their choice, how is that for a start? OR BE ATHEIST TOO! That would then be a game changer and level the playing field a little. Why is it that no one is talking about it?



  1. Finally time for the US and UK to accept that they were wrong in their assessments of the gravity of the terrorism inflicted upon Sri Lanka and the inalienable right of Sri Lanka's proportionate response to destroy it in the same way that the UK is attempting today.

  2. Time a team of Sri Lanka's terrorism experts go to the UK to advise the security sources in how it should be destroyed. A country that successfully overcame terrorism can teach a country which is floundering in attempting to strategize the best means of combating this menace that is more contributing REAL FEAR than being a real threat to the fabric of society itself. Disproportionate steps to combat a tiny bunch of mad men.