Monday, May 29, 2017

The mystery of the PM’s unexpected departure for the US on 27th May 2017

I only noticed a snippet on Daily Mirror on line, informing us that the PM had LEFT for the US on a private visit for a Medical Check up on the 27th of May and as it was in the middle of the flood situation IT MUST have been pre-arranged or been urgent enough for the PM to surreptitiously leave the Country.

Reading the comments in the Daily Mirror, they were just a load of God Awful comments of an illiterate class of JOKERS who just assumed he was a RAT who left a literally sinking ship. While I agree the timing could NOT have been worse he is NOT one to publicize his private visits as that is his nature and especially if they are medical, he does not wish to get people all excited. No matter, once the PIN DROPS, our Jhonnies will start speculating to the cows come home what this trip is all about, and whether he is plotting some international regime change with Donald Trump at one end, and if he is seriously ill on the other hand! FAKE NEWS RULES OK!

Don’t we all remember when Mahinda Rajapakse went for a check up to Texas and I believe he has a brother there. The speculation amongst the UNP rank and file was that he had cancer, and would be dead in weeks, a totally unfounded rumor which even the higher ups of the UNP seemed to believe was true!

If I have learned anything from that episode, I know it is as usual a few days late that our gossip mongers will start their rumor mongering to try and discredit the PM and will start a string of rumors that will get this Country talking and the Newspapers scurrying for their own take on the scoop. I implore the reader NOT to believe any of them, as it is a private visit and if it is for an operation it will take two weeks of hospitalization and recuperation before he can come back home to carry on his normal duties feeling better or fitter.

We know he is a diabetic and has to take his medication religiously and all those who are chronically ill know what it is like to be so incapacitated and with the PM who is in the public eye it is important that he keeps to his rigorous schedule that would make other mortals cringe with exhaustion! Diabetics have a related problem of heart failure and in that sense it is possible that he had gone for something like a stent to be inserted.

Then there is speculation that the STATE would have to foot the bill! Well knowing the PM he will fund it himself, or have the DONALD pay for it as he is Uncle Sam’s lackey, as his opponents wish to label him! Unlike the millions MR took for paying Duminda in Singapore, I don’t think the PM will bother our treasury, so cut him some slack. Lets face it we have a President in house! What did DIMU do during MR’s time? SO I tell the naysayers to get a life!

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  1. classic coming from a dimwit who went to town when it comes to blaming the last govt for any thing and nothing ..the matter of fact, is the incompetent moron don't give a hoot about the local people ..the quintessential "hamu"!

  2. and by the way why the incompetent idiot need any state money, when he looted the whole treasury thanks to the bond scam(by the way no body still don't know whether expense is not taken care of by the state, or its is medical related)